Thursday, September 30, 2010

its October!!

hello everyone!! Its OCTOBER!!! A new month and a new beginning for everything to everyone.. Hope you enjoy this month as much as you enjoyed September.. =) and I have a message for ya'll.. =) enjoy!

Eat the damn chocolate cake. Get your hair wet. Love someone. Dance in muddy puddles. Draw a picture with crayons like you’re six years old. Take a nap. Go on a holiday. Do a cartwheel. Make a potion. Dance like no one is watching. Paint each nail a different color. Take a bubble bath. Laugh your heart out. Get on that table and dance. Pick strawberries. Take a jog. Learn a new language. Write a song. Make a scrapbook. Go on a picnic. Relax in the sun. Kiss the un-kissed. Hug the un-hugged. Love the un-loved. Live your life to the fullest so at the end of the day you have no regrets, no sorrows, and no disappointments..

*looking forward for more months with you..*

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