Thursday, September 30, 2010

if you got it, flaunt it.. =p

hello everyone!
you must be wondering 
what the heck is my post about right
well, i'm being in a vain mood right now
so i feel like talking about ME!

lets go down memory lane..
this was me when I was 3 months i think..
cute righttt.. 

then this was me during schooling days..
i couldnt find any primary school pics
so this is all i got..

then comes after school when i had ntg to do at home
and was bumming around for 6 months 
till i finally got into Uni..=)
this was me..
still cute as ever.. =p

and this was me during my 1st sem in coll..
a bit the dark..
but who cares..
i'm still cute..

this was also during 1st sem..
tried out some new hair styles..
and yet, i look cutely weird..!! 
told you i'm being vain..

this was 2nd sem..
during our Uni's One Malaysia competiton..
my first time wearing a saree..
i look good right! 
although its just the top part of me.. haha

this one kononnya my serious pose la..
nice ah?? =p
then comes 3rd sem..or was it short sem..
trying to show the world that i'm so hardworking la..

this was at Broga Hill when I went hiking with the JB youths..
i always thought i look bad when i tied my hair..
but this really doesnt look so bad..
what to do, i'm too cute.. 
and this was during TESL Nite..
one of my last days before I cut my hair..
sighh~ I miss my hair.. =(

and THIS is what I look like now..
except its not that straight la..
its damn kembang.. haha..
this shot was taken right after i came out of the saloon..
nice right? 

and this is me, today..

well, whats the point of me doing this post?
its coz..


appreciate yourself and be proud of who you are..
thats my whole point..
and yeah..
If you got it, flaunt it!
show of what you got! 

*baby, I love you and i'll never let you go* =)

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