Sunday, September 26, 2010

everything in one post!

hello bloggie!! missed me? haha.. well, its been a really long week with lots of things packed together with it.. from assignments to Tesl Carnival to CoCo Amazing Race to Youth Single Ladies dance and Mum's bday today.. let me talk about it one by one okay.. just bear with me la.. =p

1. Tesl Carnival.

We had our TESL Carnival on the 22nd of September last Wednesday to raise funds for the tesl club and just to have fun.. well, it was fun indeed..!! we had language stalls, food stalls, music request stalls.. you name it, we had it... haha.. so yea, went to coll at 8am and it started of with the opening ceremony when the HOD came and visited all the stalls.. I went of halfway in the afternoon coz daddy came to see me.. as some of you know, i've been having some weird skin disease.. ok la, not disease its some allergy that i have all over my body.. looks like i'm a living polkadots or smtg.. haha.. anyway, back to the carnival, i was there till almost 6pm.. such a long day man.. now, here's some of the pics! =)

me doing some word search which was damn hard!

Naufal and I at the Giha's food booth

the HOD's opening ceremony

shottss.. =)

i finally got my 'cute' pose with the two peace sign.. =p


me and Miss Sugan figuring out how to do the dumb word search..
our RnW booth.. =)

so, thats about TESL carnival.. =) more pics on FB!

2. Co Curriculum In Education's Amazing Race.

This was supposed to be our assignment la.. I was in charge of games unfortunately and thanks to God it turned out well okay.. I screwed up and forgot one little detail part of my game and the whole thing was ruined.. thanks to all the committee members who helped solve the problem and made the game a success.. =) then we had dinner later on and went back home with everyone tired as hell.. haha.. =p here are the pics. =)

the games started of.. 

the secretary, Ira and I..

one of the games.. WETTTT!! HAHAH!

the VP, the head of games and the treasurer.. =)


warming up..
everyone had this flowery hats.. so cute!!

in the process of doing the games and all the stuff..

i look like a Vietnamese worker.. =p



our beloved President, Arifah.. =)

a shot after the rain.. =)


and that was the Amazing Race.. more pics on Fb as usual.. =p

3. Youths Single Ladies dance..

this was a fun one all together.. We had like 3 weeks of practice however towards the final week, i begin to feel uneasy and felt like pulling out coz i couldnt handle the stress and amout of work i had to do.. but thank godness, with God's help, i stayed on and decided to push myself to do it.. and i had no regrets at all.. =) i dont have many pics.. most of them were taken from Andrea and Elena's album on Fb.. the video is there too.. can go view it there.. =p all i can say it, we totally rocked the stage and it was totally fun although i messed up but who cares as long as me and everyone had fun.. thats the most important thing.. =)

Anne and I camwhoring.. =p

after the dance..few of us took some pics.. 
this was one of it.. =)

before the dance.. all semangat already.. =p

Juan and I.. =)
sayang her! 

well, thats about it.. bout Mum's bday.. later la. when i get the pics i'll upload and update k.. i damn tired d.. this post oso i did it reluctantly.. haha.. i'm such a lazy ass.. i'm gonna go to bed soon so take care everyone and you'll here from me soon k! have a great week! 

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