Thursday, September 30, 2010

its October!!

hello everyone!! Its OCTOBER!!! A new month and a new beginning for everything to everyone.. Hope you enjoy this month as much as you enjoyed September.. =) and I have a message for ya'll.. =) enjoy!

Eat the damn chocolate cake. Get your hair wet. Love someone. Dance in muddy puddles. Draw a picture with crayons like you’re six years old. Take a nap. Go on a holiday. Do a cartwheel. Make a potion. Dance like no one is watching. Paint each nail a different color. Take a bubble bath. Laugh your heart out. Get on that table and dance. Pick strawberries. Take a jog. Learn a new language. Write a song. Make a scrapbook. Go on a picnic. Relax in the sun. Kiss the un-kissed. Hug the un-hugged. Love the un-loved. Live your life to the fullest so at the end of the day you have no regrets, no sorrows, and no disappointments..

*looking forward for more months with you..*

if you got it, flaunt it.. =p

hello everyone!
you must be wondering 
what the heck is my post about right
well, i'm being in a vain mood right now
so i feel like talking about ME!

lets go down memory lane..
this was me when I was 3 months i think..
cute righttt.. 

then this was me during schooling days..
i couldnt find any primary school pics
so this is all i got..

then comes after school when i had ntg to do at home
and was bumming around for 6 months 
till i finally got into Uni..=)
this was me..
still cute as ever.. =p

and this was me during my 1st sem in coll..
a bit the dark..
but who cares..
i'm still cute..

this was also during 1st sem..
tried out some new hair styles..
and yet, i look cutely weird..!! 
told you i'm being vain..

this was 2nd sem..
during our Uni's One Malaysia competiton..
my first time wearing a saree..
i look good right! 
although its just the top part of me.. haha

this one kononnya my serious pose la..
nice ah?? =p
then comes 3rd sem..or was it short sem..
trying to show the world that i'm so hardworking la..

this was at Broga Hill when I went hiking with the JB youths..
i always thought i look bad when i tied my hair..
but this really doesnt look so bad..
what to do, i'm too cute.. 
and this was during TESL Nite..
one of my last days before I cut my hair..
sighh~ I miss my hair.. =(

and THIS is what I look like now..
except its not that straight la..
its damn kembang.. haha..
this shot was taken right after i came out of the saloon..
nice right? 

and this is me, today..

well, whats the point of me doing this post?
its coz..


appreciate yourself and be proud of who you are..
thats my whole point..
and yeah..
If you got it, flaunt it!
show of what you got! 

*baby, I love you and i'll never let you go* =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

everything in one post!

hello bloggie!! missed me? haha.. well, its been a really long week with lots of things packed together with it.. from assignments to Tesl Carnival to CoCo Amazing Race to Youth Single Ladies dance and Mum's bday today.. let me talk about it one by one okay.. just bear with me la.. =p

1. Tesl Carnival.

We had our TESL Carnival on the 22nd of September last Wednesday to raise funds for the tesl club and just to have fun.. well, it was fun indeed..!! we had language stalls, food stalls, music request stalls.. you name it, we had it... haha.. so yea, went to coll at 8am and it started of with the opening ceremony when the HOD came and visited all the stalls.. I went of halfway in the afternoon coz daddy came to see me.. as some of you know, i've been having some weird skin disease.. ok la, not disease its some allergy that i have all over my body.. looks like i'm a living polkadots or smtg.. haha.. anyway, back to the carnival, i was there till almost 6pm.. such a long day man.. now, here's some of the pics! =)

me doing some word search which was damn hard!

Naufal and I at the Giha's food booth

the HOD's opening ceremony

shottss.. =)

i finally got my 'cute' pose with the two peace sign.. =p


me and Miss Sugan figuring out how to do the dumb word search..
our RnW booth.. =)

so, thats about TESL carnival.. =) more pics on FB!

2. Co Curriculum In Education's Amazing Race.

This was supposed to be our assignment la.. I was in charge of games unfortunately and thanks to God it turned out well okay.. I screwed up and forgot one little detail part of my game and the whole thing was ruined.. thanks to all the committee members who helped solve the problem and made the game a success.. =) then we had dinner later on and went back home with everyone tired as hell.. haha.. =p here are the pics. =)

the games started of.. 

the secretary, Ira and I..

one of the games.. WETTTT!! HAHAH!

the VP, the head of games and the treasurer.. =)


warming up..
everyone had this flowery hats.. so cute!!

in the process of doing the games and all the stuff..

i look like a Vietnamese worker.. =p



our beloved President, Arifah.. =)

a shot after the rain.. =)


and that was the Amazing Race.. more pics on Fb as usual.. =p

3. Youths Single Ladies dance..

this was a fun one all together.. We had like 3 weeks of practice however towards the final week, i begin to feel uneasy and felt like pulling out coz i couldnt handle the stress and amout of work i had to do.. but thank godness, with God's help, i stayed on and decided to push myself to do it.. and i had no regrets at all.. =) i dont have many pics.. most of them were taken from Andrea and Elena's album on Fb.. the video is there too.. can go view it there.. =p all i can say it, we totally rocked the stage and it was totally fun although i messed up but who cares as long as me and everyone had fun.. thats the most important thing.. =)

Anne and I camwhoring.. =p

after the dance..few of us took some pics.. 
this was one of it.. =)

before the dance.. all semangat already.. =p

Juan and I.. =)
sayang her! 

well, thats about it.. bout Mum's bday.. later la. when i get the pics i'll upload and update k.. i damn tired d.. this post oso i did it reluctantly.. haha.. i'm such a lazy ass.. i'm gonna go to bed soon so take care everyone and you'll here from me soon k! have a great week! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

you are the best thing thats ever been mine..

♥ You are the best thing that's ever been mine ♥

♥ And I remember that fight 4:30 PM, Cause everything was slippin' right out of our hands..I cried and you put your arms around me ♥

♥ Braced myself for the goodbye, Cause that's all I've ever known And you took me by surprise,You said "I'll always be here for you" ♥

♥ You're the thing that's right ♥

♥ When we're will keep us alive ♥

♥ you're amazing, just the way you are ♥

♥ the memories remain ♥

♥ we'll be a dream ♥

♥ Your love is my drug ♥

♥ I miss you like crazy ♥

♥ I want to spend the rest of my life, With you by my side..Forever and ever..Every little thing that you do..Baby, I'm amazed by you ♥

♥ You're the only one that leaves me completely breathless ♥

♥ You're in my heart, the only light that shines there in the dark ♥

♥ You get me smiling even when it hurts ♥

♥ Hold me close, don't ever let me go ♥

♥ You make me smile like the sun,Fall out of bed,Sing like a bird,Dizzy in my head ,Spin like a record,Crazy on a Sunday night..You make me dance like a fool,Forget how to breathe,Shine like gold,Buzz like a bee,Just the thought of you can drive me wild,Ohh you make me smile ♥

♥ You put the beautiful in life ♥

♥ Today was a fairytale ♥

♥ Everyday I love you ♥

I was just so bored.. and did this.. 
some emo love song lyrics that I really love..
teenagers and love..
one BIG drama la..
but its really beautiful when you experience it..
even if its just falling for someone or having a crush..
at least you know what it feels like..
thats exactly how I feel..
you know that feeling when you're in love..
everything just feels right.. 
and nothing else really matters..
and it sucks to be apart for so long..
well, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder..
damn right, I say.. =)

*I loved the moon and the star tonight..
It reminded me of you..*

Sunday, September 5, 2010

everyone loves the weekends

hey bloggie..!! told ya i was gonna update on the weekend right.. so here goes.. =) well, on saturday, i was reluctant to leave shah alam simply because i wanted more time with my friends as they will be going back to their hometowns for Raya holidays.. We sent Amir to the bus station and I really had a heavy heart to say goodbye and i know i'll be missing everyone for 2 weeks.. its too long.. nevertheless, i did.. and came back home to pack and wait for Daddy.. 

I had a massive headache and wasnt feeling really well all of a sudden.. and it totally messed up my mood.. back in Kajang, i went home and crashed on the bed after lunch.. I really couldnt stand the pain.. I wasnt even excited for the event that night, the annual Persatuan Kebajikan Kasih(PKK) Charity Dinner In Aid of Rumah Kasih.. the headache totally spoilt my mood.. evening came, and i got dressed up for the dinner.. not bothered to put any make up on my face coz i didnt feel like it.. plus, it wouldnt even make any difference.. my face looks pale with or without make up..

reached the place, at Dewan PGRM, my heart couldnt stop beating coz i thought i was over dressed and what would others impressions be on me. said hi to a few uncles and aunties and had fairly good compliments.. thank God.. lol.. then as usual, i sat beside Mummy coz i felt totally awkward there.. then there's this aunty who said the Miss Malaysia World, Deborah Henry was sitting right next to her just moments before we came. that made me smile a bit.. then the magician for the night, The Amazing Moudini walked through the entrance and Daddy pulled me to take a pic with him.. my heart was beating like super fast okay coz there were so many ppl there.. haha.. but i did take a pic..

with The Amazing Moudini..

that made me smile again.. =) and what sparked up my mood was when i saw Faustina, my LnL friend walk through the entrance with her family.. i literally ran to her.. its been ages since i last saw her.. to top it off, Daddy told me Alvin's family was coming as well.. and true enough, 5 minutes later, the Netto's walked in.. I was like "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!!!".. I didnt feel that awkward and alone anymore.. then the dinner started with Deborah Henry as the emcee of the night.. she's superly beautiful.. =D

the emcee..

the Aseana Percussion Unit.
awesome stuff man!! 

The Amazing Moudini..
Helmi Gimmick as David Arumugam from Alleycats..
damn funny la this man..
i was laughing all through..
then he came out as Micheal Jackson.. lol..
the KL's Children Choir..
Ning Baizura...=)
she was a bit of a bore to be honest..
kept blowing her own trumpet..
but oh well...

with Deborah Henry..

with Helmi Gimmick..
he's doing the 1 Malaysia thing..haha..
and finally.. with Ning Baizura..

and now the people.. =D

Darryl and I.. he's damn tall for a 14 year old k!
Desmond and I.. =)
a bit blurry.. 

I didnt get a pic with Clement..aiyoo... but oh well.. for more pics, just see my fb k.. i totally had fun that night and i felt better the whole Sunday..!! and to make things better, when i was teaching catechism, we were doing a Happy Birthday Mother Mary card la.. one student came to me and said "teacher, i dont DIG this".... i was like totally stunned! haha.. seriously.. with the accent and all.. damn funny la.. i just had fun all day..

the cards they did..

well, that was one heck of a weekend.. i wish i could go back in time and retrieve it again.. =) back in shah alam now and back in Kajang tmr night..!! weeeee~!! cant wait.. i've got a whole lot of thing planned in my mind already.. =) till then everyone.. Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends..!! Have a great Raya.. =)

*i didnt wanna let go, but you did*