Monday, August 23, 2010

the love bug came back..

why hello there bloggie.. 
i've missed you..
 i've been wanting to write but the laziness within
 kept eating me up inside helped by procrastination too.. 
=) hehe.. 
anyway, I'VE CUT MY HAIR!!!!
from this...


THIS!!! hehe

nice tak?? 
so far i've had all good remarks..
hopefully it stay that way.
i just came back from sunway..
with Naufal, Kak Reen, Kak Nurul and Abg Farid..
=) watched some chinese movie
gory and gross.. haha
but it was fun tho..

and and..
i passed by this bar
and totally went down memory lane
when i heard this song
"when we're hungry, love will keep us alive"
i teared there i tell you..
and i immediately knew i had to blog abt it 
tonight itself.. =p 
so here i am blogging right now.. 
and its also time for bed so..
Au Revoir everyone!
have a great week.. =)

*Love will keep us alive*

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