Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello bloggie..!!!

I am officially a GLEEK..!! Okay, I know I damn lambat and way way slow and you're not gonna believe what i'm about to say but yeah, hold on to your butts!! =p I actually REFUSED to watch Glee before this coz I thought its like some High School Musical shit but yeah, I decided to give it a try during my Mid Sem exam week.. damn smart right? and guess what, I got hooked onto it.. The heck I was.. I couldn't stop watching okay.. and the songs were awesome! 

My personal favorites are Don't Stop Believing, Like A Prayer, Hello, Lean On Me, Beautiful, Rehab, Defying Gravity, Sweet Caroline, Bootylicious, Endless Love, Smile, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Halo/Walking On Sunshine, Its My Life/Confessions.. Okay, I think I practically named half of the songs in there.. LoL.. I just love it so much!! 


Okay, I know this was a very random post but I just felt like writing down my excitement.. and yes, tomorrow i'm gonna watch Inception.. another damn lambat case of me... haha.. =p  till then bloggie.. see ya!

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