Monday, July 12, 2010

the heck they did it!

I told ya Spain was gonna take the cup when I first blogged on the FIFA World Cup.. and guess what? THEY DID!! Screw what the lame-O Paul the Octopus predicted.. he can eat crap for all I care.. they won because they played hard and deserved it not because of some dumb ass predictions.. anyway, back to the finals, I couldnt watch it coz I ended up falling sick last weekend.. F**K to that.. which completely ruined all my Monday plans.. grrrrr!! I'll get back to that.. 
ahhh.. there they are.. World Champions.. =)

Went to Mama's hse last night to have dinner and I really felt so lethargic and God knew what was wrong with me. Then Mummy gave me med, so took that and felt drowsy.. Plus, my whole family didnt let me go back to Shah Alam last night.. crashed all my hopes of watching the finals with my buddies.. =( so yeah, i went home and crashed on the bed straight coz of the effing flu med.. the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was 5am.. I quickly ran down and on the tv just in time to see the goal from AndrĂ©s Iniesta which gave victory to SPAIN! haha.. since I was down, so watched till it ended and sent msges to everyone saying "VIVA ESPANA!" lol...

see my boyfriend holding the cup?? =p

damn you read that right.. Fernando Torres.. my wildest dream.. hey, every girl can dream right? =p I was damn happy they won that I even teared when I saw the Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas cry. haha.. oh well, back to reality, here I am half dead on my bed with flu, cough and fever. damn you sickness! ruined all my plans today.. supposed to go to Lookout Point okay! hmphhh!!! I'm damn pissed with myself coz I got sick.. damn! damn! damn! nvm, i'm gonna go there after I get well hopefully.. it better happen.. =)



yeah, thats Naufal..
my BFF!! one or both F's
whatever it is..
haha.. =) 
have a great one!
Baby Elephant! =D

*Make it happen*

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