Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1) Where is your cell phone?
charging... =)

2) Relationship?
you tell me.. =p

3) Your hair?
dark brown and wavy..

4) Work?
still a happy go lucky student..

5) Your sisters?
have one annoying one..

6) Your favorite thing?
lets see, chocolates, coke, my room, books, songs and the list goes on..

7) Your dream last night?
i cant remember.. =(

8) Your favorite drink?
COKE! and milk.. =)

9) Your dream car?
a BLACK MY-VI..!! =D and a manual one..

10) Your shoes?
my pinky crocs, vincci sandals and slippers.. =)

11) Your fears?
dark, snakes, motorbikes, lorries.. thats abt it i guess..

12) What do you want to be in 10 years?
a successful lecturer/writer.. anything to do with the English field and a happy mummy with 7 children.. =D *DO NOT JUDGE ME!* =p

13) Who did you hang out with last weekend?
family and friends.. =) love them a lot..

14) What are you not good at?
many stuff.. sewing, baking, and other minor ones.. i cant remember la..

15) One of your wish list items?
car, camera, Guess handbag.. =) thats all for now..

16) Where you grew up?

kajang, selangor.. =)

17) Last thing you did?

went on a road trip with 4 crazy guys.. =p

18) What are you wearing?
adidas jersey and short pants.. =p

19) What aren’t you wearing?
errrrr.... how do i answer this? lol..

20) Your pet?
My dog, JORDY! =D

21) Your computer?
my smokin HOT red lappy..!! 

22) Your life?
is awesome! ups and downs here and there but nothing is perfect right.. =)

23) Missing?
my family and house and Kajang ppl.. =p

24) What are you thinking about right now?
what will i be when i'm 25? =p

25) Your car?
I dont have one.... YET! haha.. soon to get a red hot kenari..!! =) although i'm still waiting for my black My vi..

26) Your kitchen?
you should ask mummy this.. =p

27) Your favorite colour?
purple, turquoise, and blue..

28) Last time you laughed?
a while ago with my crazy roomates..

29) Last time you cried?
this morning.. =(

30) Love?
comes softly.. =)

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