Thursday, June 10, 2010

All hail SPAIN..!!! =)

Woohoo..!! I'm having World Cup fever right now.. 

Lol.. Yes, the FIFA World Cup just started like now, haha.. I'm currently sitting here alone downstairs in the hall watching the Kick Off Concert.. =) damn semangat la seriously.. lol.. And the team i'm going for?? It clearly shows at my title.. SPAIN all the way baby..!!! =D 

Of course the main reason I'm supporting Spain is because my 'boyfriend' is there... :p haha.. 

none other than FERNANDO TORRES of course.. =)

and a few others but he's the one i'm looking out for.. =) and yeah, this is the Spain team for the World Cup..
                               hotties!! =D

GO SPAIN GO....!!!!! Damn, i'm all excited for the World Cup.. haha.. =) Wished I could be there..

       it'll be damn cool to be in the crowd like that..

Oh well, anyway, I just came back from Penang with my bro and sis coz they had their Tae Kwon Do compertiton.. Had a fun time there although I didnt really get to eat the Penang food.. =( but I did have fun.. Meeting Naufal and his sis, Kak Reen and also meeting Christopher.. Its all so fun.. =) Next week is back to coll again.. I actually cant wait, dying of boredom at home k.. Oh, and Mummy and Daddy are back from India already... =) well, thats about it for now.. Remember, support SPAIN..!!