Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grooming and Etiquette class and dinner.. =)

Hey bloggie..!! Havent updated in a while eh? Anyway, I dont wanna talk much, just came here to blog about our mentor mentee project which is a grooming class and dinner.. =) It was fun alltogether.. In grooming class, we learned how to wear make up and present ourselves in front of our students as we all are gonna be future teachers.. So, the kakak thought us how to wear make up, comb our hair, dress professionally etc.. Basically that was about it la.. They had small gifts for the best person to catwalk and introduce themselves.. Embarrassing k.. 

the kakak explaining on grooming ourselves..
make up time!!
the girl models.. =p
even the guys wore make up.. =)
the guy models.. =)
'photoshoot' la konon.. :p


The dinner was held the same night at Orkid Thai Restaurant in Shah Alam section 9.. nice and cozy place.. =) and now, the pics! =) enjoy!

our mentor, Mdm Izlin and her daughter, Hannah.. =)
the project leader,Syahmi.. he looked awesome!
and he did a great job.. =)
the perasan cute one.. *vomits* :p
i love this! but its blur.. =(
FOODDD!!!! good stuff! =D
Diploma students of Mdm Izlin's mentee's
Bachelor students of Mdm Izlin's mentee's..
love my girlfriends!! 
and boyfriends too!! =)

Well, thats about it la.. Wanna see more pics just see my facebook page k.. click here.. Anyway, yesterday was our English Teaching Methods presentation, and with our last min preparation, we managed to conduct the classroom activity and scored full marks!! Congrats to all my group members..!! You guys did a great job.. =) Next week is finals!! *sighhhhh!!!* and Mummy and Daddy will be going to India for 2 or 3 weeks.. which means i'll be free for a bit.. :p I'll be following Joel and Cat to Penang from the 4th of June till the 7th..Weeeeee~!!! =) Cant wait..!! Hmm.. thats all for now... Will try to update soon k.. =) Love ya bloggie!! Tata! =)

*Miracles happen once in a while when you believe.. *

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