Monday, May 10, 2010

Fantabulous new campus..!! =)

Hi bloggie..!! I've been wanting to update my blog for so long but procrastination always wins which explains the delay till today.. =( *sighh* anyway, i'm too lazy to update on the past events as its already the past and too many things had happen, can't really remember, so I shall just talk about the recent ones, which is MSU NEW CAMPUS!!!! only one word, FANTABULOUS!!! its so huge and beautiful..!! Its like a dream come true or something.. haha.. I got so excited that I took pics with almost everyone in class today..! haha.. 

Tomorrow i'll resume my photography session.. :p hahaha.. Although its not fully finished yet, nevertheless, its still a beauty already.. =) Hmmm... I dont know what else to say la.. You just see the pics la.. I'm in every pic, so yeaaa... :p hehe..

on the way to campus.. all the excited faces..!! =D
the view of the campus while walking from Tesco.. =)
*no more Giant* :p
the view outside our class.. the unfinished part..
started camwhoring of coz.. :p
sister from another mother.. =)
we changed to a much bigger class next door..
doing mini presentations in front..

Well, thats all for now la.. Tomorrow i'll take more then upload k.. Check my facebook for pics la.. haha.. Right now, the upcoming event that i'm currently waiting for is my Mentor Mentee dinner for my SCD subject, Grooming and Etiquette this friday night.. =) I so cant wait..!! dress formally and everything.. =) weeeee~!! Oh, and did I mention that Mid Sem was awesome? Yes, I did my best and hopefully will get the best too.. =) 

I suddenly developed this love for photography.. I don't know why... My no.1 item for my birthday and Christmas list right now is a CAMERA.. =) and 2nd comes a CAR... I still await the day when i'll finally drive my dream car, a black My-Vi and its gotta be manual.. *sigghhhh* please make December come quick!! hehe..

the pic I took which inspired my love for photography.. :p

Oh yes, how can I forget.. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MUMMY...!!!! Me love you very very much!!! XOXO...!! =)

Love Mummy..!! =)

Till then people..!! Byeeeee!!! =)

*You light up my life*

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