Monday, April 12, 2010

you put the beautiful in life... =)

heyyyy...!!! =) I actually miss blogging.. haha.. never thought i'd say that huh.. =) anyway, i've started my new sem already which is only a short sem but nevertheless, its fun..!! so far la.. hmm.. where do I start.. we only got two subjects this sem which is English Teaching Methods and Critical Appreciation.. the lecturer for ETM is Mdm Malarselvi and for Critical Appreciation is Miss Suganthini.. =) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..!!!! and the best part is CA is like literature all over again... ooohhh yeah! I'm loving it.. =D

So while is just me and you
I thought I might say to you
You put the beautiful in life

some things have been happening lately.. I really dont know why but its just really really sad la.. I dont know what to say.. anyway, yesterday was our youth breakfast sal and it was a huge success I must say.. we made so much and everything really paid off.. =) 

then comes today.. wanted to go for class and I was already late, and daddy's car couldnt start.. how nice right.. tried pushing the car and all but it couldnt start..then finally daddy went to call the neighbour for help and he jumped start the car, lucky it worked.. so daddy sent me straight to class and I put all my stuff in Lynn's car and went for class..

In class, probably the only class I ever felt so 'geram' to the maximum in my entire life of classes.. Mdm split us up into groups la, then 'she' had to get the same group with someone and was playing around in front of me.. WTF is your problem la, bitch?! arggghhhhh... sorry la..i'm just damn pissed and not in the mood today.. haizz..

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