Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey bloggie..!! =) miss me?? haha.. I got so many things to talk but the laziness in me is just too strong therefore I shall just talk about yesterday and today.. haha.. well, yesterday, the much awaited day by my dear friend, Muhd Syahmi coz he wanted to watch Kick - Ass and he was the one that made me wanna watch the movie as well.. Pics la, videos la.. all la.. this fella wanted to watch the movie like damn badly.. haha..

thats Syahmi btw.. =) haha..

So, anyway, I went a bit earlier than the rest to Sunway coz I wanted to meet Sapna there.. its been so long since I saw her.. and we had stuff to talk too.. so went there la.. reached there, had nothing to do.. just walked around while waiting for her to come.. then when she finally came, we went to eat at 1901.. =) after that went to have Baskin Robbins.. haha.. talk talk talk.. then she went home and me and Naufal went to AnW while the rest went shopping.. I had no money k, or else I would have went too.. hmphh!!

Sitting there, both of us were just drinking root beer and waiting patiently for the movie to start.. then Syahmi came and joined us.. our movie was at 11.55pm la k.. damn bloody long had to wait.. then we went to the cinema area and looked at the posters.. 

look at this fella's excited face la..haha..
kick Naufal's ass..!!! muahahha.. :p

then we went to the arcade to play games with the rest while waiting.. finally la finally at 11.45 they opened the cinema and we all went to buy popcorn and all that then went in...

Syahmi: omg...I cant believe it.. its going to start..!!
Me: HAHAHAHA.. cool down cool down..!! hahaha..

LOL.. he was really damn excited k.. read his blog la on the Kick Ass here

so yeah, all in all, the movie was really damn good with lots of things together in one.. comedy, romance, action, suspense.. you name it, its one good show all together.. 


Have a great weekend everybody..!! =)

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