Monday, April 26, 2010

Family reunions!!

hello..!! yes! family reunions indeed... lets start with yesterday k.. woke up early and made breakfast then onlined for a while.. then, got ready for catechism class after 5 weeks.. haha.. I didnt go to class for 5 weeks k.. miss those kids a little bit.. as usual, gave the kids to do colouring.. I think they're getting bored of it already.. like almost every week oso same old thing.. then after class, I had to meet Alvin to do the slideshow for the youth camp which will be up this Saturday and Sunday in church already. 

After that, went to Mum's house to meet Aunty Ivy, Uncle Peter, Natasha their daughter and Stephen, her husband that came down from UK for holidays.. its been 16 years since I last met Natasha and after so long we're finally meeting again.. then we all went out for lunch.. they wanted to have dim sum so we went to that dim sum shop in town to eat..

ordering the food..
Mum and U.Robert, Stephen and Natasha at the back..
Uncle Peter and Aunty Ivy..

After lunch, we headed home coz I wanted to change my clothes, so went home and changed and we straight went off to Aunty Pricilly's house at Damansara coz Mama's sister, Aunty Lily just came down from India as well with her daughter and her family. so, went there and met up with the other side of the family.. Aunty Lily really look a spitting image of Mama, only thing she's smaller.. 

Tristan and Ian with the PS2.. boys... haha...
Shayna, Precious and Cat were with the plasticine.. girls.. lol..
and Jeremy with his car.. as usual..
Aunty Maureen and Aunty Lily..
Keith and I.. 
I had to force him to take pic with me.. haha..

And after the family reunion there, we headed back to church for the Sg.Chua zone Easter gathering and also for the youth Holy Hour.. non stop la I tell you yesterday.. finally left church at 9.30 and went to Mum's house for a bit then headed home.. surprisingly, I still managed to watch a movie before going to bed.. haha.. 

Today, I'm in Shah Alam now.. new assignments, new bed.. aahh yes, I got a new bed!! no more double decker! I now have my own single bed... weeeee~!! =) hehe.. oh well, thats that.. next week is Mid Sem!! daymnnn!! Later in the evening, we'll be going to see the new campus illegally.. muahahhaa... sounds like fun!! cant wait.. till then ppl... buuaaiiiii...!!! =D

*angel of mine* 

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