Friday, March 5, 2010


woohoo!! i'm feeling damn hyper today for i dont know what reason..haha.. morning went for class and I escaped from doing my presentation coz my turn hasnt come yet.. after class, went to Giant to buy stuff for the pot-luck tmr after the 1 Malaysia event. Then came back home, changed and went for the 1 Malaysia practice..

Since tmr is our 1 Malaysia event and competition, so me, Biya and Lynn went to the saloon to do our hair..=) hehehehe...vain pots, i know.. hehehe... and the result?? :p

=) TADA!!

The french fries monster!!! wakakakaka...
i know i'm cute..:p

hehehee....thats all ppl!! next update will be on 1 Malaysia...byeee~!

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