Wednesday, March 17, 2010

thirteen... =)

I'm not supposed to be online rite now at this crucial hour of last min studying... but look at how stubborn I am.. :p anyway, enough of talking.. Just came to do a post for my brother, JOEL FRANCIS D'CRUZ.. =) Its his birthday today and its his first one without me.. =( haizzzz... sorry i can't be there although I really want to.. Anyway, Sociology paper today was good.. =) I'm happy with what i've done.. Hopefully the results will be good too..



Stop playing the fool and concentrate on your studies k!! Sorry I can't be there to celebrate with the rest of the family.. I hope you enjoy yourself and have a great one k.. =) Love you!!! <3

Joel and I..=)
Love you two berry-berry much!!! =D

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