Sunday, March 28, 2010

Of holidays and Palm Sunday..

hello!! okay, firstly I know I promised to upload pics from the Sunway trip but i'm just too lazy so you just go see from my facebook album k.. :p As you know, holidays have started and its very very BORING!! I mean, its nice and fun la coz I got to spend time with my family after so long.. Meeting my new cousin, Ashley and having dinner with my other side of the family.. its really nice.. =) but at the same time, I miss all my coll mates and just can't wait to start new sem next week.. =)

Then comes Palm Sunday, last Saturday the youths gathered to cut palms for Palm Sunday.. It was really really fun although it was only a few of us but nevertheless, we did it.. cutting palms for almost 3000 parishioners!! we sang songs, laughed, did crazy stuff... haha.. all the work really paid off I must say.. =)

 cutting palms.. =) 
 group photo.. =)

all in all I really had fun... Cant wait for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and EASTER!!! =D Have a great day everyone!! =)
*It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now*

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