Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Thursday preparations...

hey there.. =) hope everyone is doing fine.. I'm so bored at home.. like seriously.. there's nothing to do at all.. from the time I wake up, i'll just have my breakfast then online till night.. hahaha.. thats my daily routine.. damn lifeless rite.. I know.. i'm dying to go back to coll.. its like taking forever man... haizzz... Anyway, thank goodness yesterday wasn't so bad.. Alvin told me the night before that Florence needed help in church to do the decoration for the tabernacle which will be used for adoration on Holy Thursday.. since I had nothing to do at home, so I said i'll go..

Reached church, then mum called me coz she said she was having breakfast with Aunty Ivy and Uncle Peter that just came down from London at the Oriental Crystal Hotel and she asked me to come there for a while.. I didnt go first la, coz daddy was still in church and all.. Alma and Mary came too, so we were all doing the thing in front there.. we got to go to the rooftop of the church, such an amazing view man.. =) haha.. then, after helping out a bit, i walked to the hotel which was just like 500 metres away from the church..

Met Aunty Ivy and Uncle Peter and sat there and talk talk talk till like almost an hour then I said goodbye and went back to church.. Then we all went to have lunch.. After lunch, went back to church and continued to do the things.. 

Alvin and Florence carrying the table I think...
Alma, Mary and I went up the altar and pretended we were 
altar girls.. hahahaha.. 

then we went to Uncle Kenny's room at the side there to look for the crepe paper to make the rocks.. Went in there and the radio was on, and we all laughing and laughing away saying that Uncle Kenny will be dancing in there all when he's free.. LOL.. damn funny.. then back to church and continued doing the tabernacle..

almost finishing already this one..

I didnt take the finished tabernacle.. you all just see on Holy Thursday la k.. haha.. then Florence dad brought us out for tea at the mamak shop nearby.. then mummy came and fetched me home.. camr back and I did nothing again.. then around 10, we went to Mum's house till around 12am.. came back and I slept after onlining for 15 ins.. couldnt tahan already.. 

today, i so semangatly plan wanna go Mid Valley watch movie and all, then now I think tak jadi already.. haizzzz... =( nevermind la.. maybe next time.. tomorrow onwards, will be going to church everyday.. its gonna be fun though.. =) cant wait!! 

P.S. Alvin, Mary, Alma and Florence, dont forget to see the 'leg' k... :p hehehe..

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