Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finals is officially OVER!!!!

YES! u read it right... my finals is over!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!! after two weeks of struggling and late night studying, its officially over.. it marks the end of my second semester.. =) so many memories we shared together, all of it will have a place in my heart.. =)

late night studying.. 

after all those hectic nights and early mornings, it all finally ended on the 24th of March at 11am.. =) after that, came back home and wanted to rest a while before going to Sunway for fun... its been a while since all of us hung out together.. So, we thought of going there..  came back home, instead of sleeping, me and Lynn watched movie.. haha.. Road Trip Beer Pongs... damn dumb movie but funny.. haha.. then at 3pm, we all met up and made our way to Sunway.. =) reached there, we went window shopping.. haha.. i'm so going Christmas shopping there! then we went to mamam at Subway..=)

After that went to play the token thingy beside the cinema.. quite fun actually... i'll upload all the pics later la k... all the pics is all over the place.. there were 4 diff cameras.. haha.. so yeah, i'm trying to gather everything first.. after that, me,Nas and Biya went walking around looking for stuff... then we went to play bowling.. then sat near the cinema waiting for the thing to open at 11.30... haha.. like that la.. we watched How To Train Your Dragon 3D... damn nice!!! so freaking cute!! you should go watch... 

after the movie, it was 1.30am already but we decided to go have shisha at the mamak nearby..haha..  then we got stalked by some weirdo that was sitting at the table nearby.. creepy shit la I tell you.. we went off and used some shortcut all.. lucky managed to run away.. finally, we reached home at 3.30am.. haha.. All in all , it was a really fun day hanging out with all of them... i'm gonna miss you guys so so much for this one week holidays!! =( can't wait to get back here when the new sem starts.. =) 

anyway, i'm going out now again before heading back to Kajang at night with Lynn.. she'll drop me off in Putrajaya then daddy will fetch me from there... till then.. byee!! =D

P.S : Holy Week is starting this Sunday....

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