Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay its not some big finale of any show or event.. Its just that, my FINALS is starting TOMORROW!! *one big SIGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!*  Tomorrow will be my Sociology of Education paper and seriously, nothing has gone in my head at all... I mean, yeah la its my fault for studying so late but then again, last min studying is kinda effective rite?? :p *cover line* Like today, i tried studying but nothing seems to be going in... All i'm ever thinking about is YOU... why oh why...

Study group is not working for me either.. I just can't sit there and pretend to study when I can't get anything from it.. Maybe its just me or maybe i'm having a big case of PMS... haizzzzzz... girls I tell you... Oh well, its just 2 weeks then it'll all be over and done with.. And I can get back to my normal life again... haha.. For now, I just hope and pray i'll do my best for this exam and try to get the same good results that I got for my first sem, and hopefully better.. =)

Okay, I think i better stop complaining and whining now and proceed with my studying.. See you bloggie, when I have the mood again to blog... Love you bloggie!! <3

*I love the scent of your jacket*

The stars were shinning brightly that night
We sat under the tree while they were watching us
You took my hand
Everything felt so right
You held me close to you
Everything felt secure
You kissed my brittle lips
Everything says I’m yours
I’ve lost my soul to you
My heart beats faster just thinking of you
You make me smile unknowingly
People could mistake me for a crazy person
But it doesn’t matter at all
Because I’m so in love with you

Sometimes I go even crazier
Thinking we’re in some hindi movie
Singing and dancing all the way through
But its all so happy with joy and laughter
That’s exactly how I feel when I think of you
I just feel like dancing and singing and jumping
You make me so so happy..
Even tears flow down my cheeks
And its tears of joy and happiness
Who knew love could make me this mad huh

All I can say is that
I really love you with all my heart dear
And I’m never gonna let you go
For anything in this world
Because you are my everything
And my heart belongs to you
And only you. 

Christina Abigail..=)

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