Thursday, March 4, 2010


hello bloggie!!! its been so so so long rite... i know! sorryyyy!!! very very busy la! hmmm...i'm too lazy to blog now.. so let me just sum up what has happen and whats going to

1. Sports Awakening was awesome!!
2.My presentation is coming soon and I havent prepared nuts!
3.I wore a saree for the first time in my life..=)

4. 1 Malaysia competition is coming soon this Saturday and i'll be singing a duet with Aiman... scared like shit k!! goodnessss!!!! =( haizzzzzz...hopefully everything goes well la..

5. Camwhore session has begun again.. =) as usual... let the pics do the talking and have a great weekend everyone!! till then..=)

first pic taken when we went back after our CNY hols..=)
Biya's suprise bday party..=)
the Hausa girl...:p
me and the Mr.MSU finalist..:)
LOL..thats Andrew sleeping!! haaha...
LOL..just because i'm short..=(
cuteness!!! hahaha...=)

with love,
Christina Abigail..=)

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