Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1 Malaysia

hello!!! 1 Malaysia was awesome!! although I completely embarrassed myself on stage in front of everyone by singing like shit, but i totally enjoyed myself.. one of the best event so far organized by the TESL students.. =) Congrats to the dancing and fashion show group for winning first place!! =D so proud of ya'll =D i'm lazy to write more.. let the pics do the talking..=)

thats me!! with a saree and make-up! :p

Biya and I..=)
my singing partner, Aiman..=)
Parames,Ija,Jiher and Fatin..=)
the fashion show that didnt win..:p
and the one that won..=)
our dancing group that won..=)
up on stage!! :p scary crap i tell u!!
beauty pageant contest..
camwhore!! Nas~me~Keyla~Syahmi..=)
our mentor, Mdm Izlin..=)
Dr PK and I...=D
us with the beauty peagent winner, Rosalind..=)
Lynn and I..=)
Love this pic!!

well, hope you enjoyed yourself..:p sorry la, too many pics of me..haha.. till then ppl...byee!! 

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