Monday, February 1, 2010

it all started on Friday..

Yes, it all started on Friday.. i came back from Shah Alam all by myself coz i was too lazy to go back home on Thursday, which i could with Ash and Ainur but i malas...haha.. So i ended up going back alone on Friday.. i reached Kajang at at 12 sharp and walked to church to meet Cat and Daddy.. then we went home and i had to prepare stuff for my part of the game for the Youth Awakening at night, the much awaited event of the weekend.. I didnt manage to take any photos, all Manda took.. i took 1 or 2 oni la..

So, went to church early, but not many was there yet, only Christine and Juan.. so, helped to set up everything while waited for ppl to come..then slowly ppl started coming, and i was really really happy looking at the amount that was coming in..there's this band from Klang called the 'Prodigal Apostles', one of the band members, joined our HFC group on Facebook, so when i sent the msg about the youth awakening, he got it and said that he wanted to come.. he ended up bringing half of his band members that night which was a good and bad thing at the same time..haha..but really glad they came..made new friends and all... and it all went pretty good i guess...=) so, that was Friday..

Saturday, nothing much la actually..stayed at home, and did absolutely NOTHING!! then came Sunday, another one of my much anticipated day..haha..i went for class, and my God, the students were real rascals la.. it was only me and another teacher yesterday, and it was really hard to control them k...i nearly screamed my lungs out but instead i tried to be as patient as possible..=) then after class, i wanted to go for the KLCC mass which was for all the Catholic students in colleges and universities from the KL Diocese.. so i went for that and met so many ppl again after so long. Kevin,Gary,Jacinta,Rebecca,Stephanie,Damien and Patrick..

Its been ages since i last saw all of yea, u can imagine my excitement when i saw all of them.. Not only them, remember i was telling you about the Prodigal Apostles band?? they were there too!! so it added up all the more fun..=D haha..then we went for the fellowship at the hall and talk talk talk.. after all the activities in there, i had to go back to church for the rehersal for the RCIA rites since i'm in the like that la.. then went back home, had a quick bath and we all went to Jusco, Cheras Selatan for shopping..=D hahaha...despite being out the whole day, i could still have the energy to go shopping..well, which girl says no to shopping rite?? hehehe... so basiclly, like that lor..

Today, mummy sent me back but i drove!! hahahha... all the way from Kajang...feel so proud of myself..=D hahaha.. tmr, i've got presentation, small one la but i havent read nuts yet..die la die...oh well, hope to blog again soon if can.. depends on my mood la..till then!! have a great day everyone..=D

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