Sunday, February 14, 2010

how the holidays started...

The one week holidays has started and its boring to the core because I miss everyone so much!! My housemates, classmates and everyone... haizzz!!! I mean, its nice to be with my family, i really love that but i'm missin' all my housemates, especially Biya and Lynn =( i really really hope time will fly by fast...!! I cant believe i'm saying this but, I WANNA GO BACK TO COLL!!! hahaha... madness la..

Anyway, this was how I'm spending my hols.. for the first few days, this was what i did..

ah yes, my husband and I..we're a very happy couple..:p
being vain.. =)
I love this photo and I miss this ppl so much!!
and the boys too..
last but not least, I have a special appearance by...
non other than.....
HAHAHAHHAA... I love u Juan!!! :p hehehe...

so yeah, this was how i spent 3 days of my holidays so far...there's more actually but i'm too lazy to write.. Its Valentines Day today and I have no one to share it with...=( maybe next year huh.. =) anyway, thats all for now, Happy Chinese New Year everyone and Happy Valentines Day!!! =) 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jonathan's 21st Bday with family..

Since i'm blogging, i might as well start since last Saturday.. haha.. As you know, i was suppose to come back on Thursday but because had extra class on Saturday, so had to stay back.. Oh, before that, on Friday, there was no one at home and it was so boring so Melvin came and took me out for lunch.. then sent me home and it was back to square one of boredom.. Ok, Saturday, went for class.. supposed to be 2 hours but because someone fainted, so Mdm said we can go back early..

on the way to class..
in class when all the havoc was going on..

then we went to have lunch at Kopitiam.. after that, Naufal and Biya sent me to the station.. had to take the KTM home..its been a while since i last took the train.. it was pack like hell and so stuffy that i was sweating all through.. then when i reached KL station, the train was delayed... when the train came, it was packed as well.. but thank God when it stopped at KL Sentral, many ppl got off and i had a place to sit.. and when i finally reached Kajang, and walking to church, it started raining like cats and dogs out of the, i was all wet...hahaha..  went back home and did nothing all day.. then comes Sunday..

Sunday, went for mass then had to go for class... This week was the topic on Ash Wednesday and the Holy Spirit.. thank God they understood la.. after class was the Catechism teacher's meeting, i went for that and ended up talking non stop with Juan..:p hahaha.. ok..


Evening, i woke up and daddy asked mummy what to buy for Jonathan.. I was just sitting there damn blur, looking at everything going on.. then daddy went out and I was just lying down on my bed watching movie on my lappy and msging ppl.. When daddy came back, i saw a BONIA bag on the table..and i went " Woahhhhhhh"  hahahahaha.... I was using shorts and some plain tshirt oni la, then daddy asked me to change.. again, i was wondering why... so I used something more decent.. haha.. then ended up, we all went to Hee Lai Ton Restaurant for dinner, quite an expensive place, very fancy and all..its my first time there..

mummy and daddy..
Jeremy!! cuteness!!
nyam nyam..i love this..=)
the dessert was like some blended bubur kacang...
sedapppp!!!! =D
the birthday cake..=)
the feeding session..
and lastly, the smokin hot birthday pressie!! 

So that was basically what happen that last night.. The management actually played the 'Happy Birthday' song out was damn cool la all together.. I enjoyed spending time with my family last night.. hope next week will be the same when i get back again.. As for now, i'm sitting in my room, waiting for class to start at 2.. till then bloggie! see ya!! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I shall do like a diary post for this one.. coz i'm lazy to blog as usual..:p Lets start..... this is how the story goes..

Monday: i wasnt suppose to have any classes coz lecturer was not around or smtg but then last min, i had class so had to come back to Shah Alam.. Mummy sent me, but i drove!! yes, i'm very proud of my achievement..hahaha.. we had to do a presentation, which is a classroom game..i finally did mine after weeks of procrastination.. it didnt turn out so bad actually..i'm quite satisfied..=) some of my other friends did theirs too..its was really funny and nice..haha.. basically that was monday la..i cant really recall what happen that much..haha..
yes, never say no when you see a camera..=)
it was some question game..smtg like 'Who's Line Is It Anyway'

Tuesday: Our first class was philosophy of education and we had some sort of presentation to do where we had to study a topic and present or rather teach about the topic we've studied on to other groups.. quite fun actually coz all the topics are on Religeon and all sorts..i love it! =) so yea, after Philo was Counceling and Guidance.. madam was not well, so we went off early.. Biya wanted to cook mee hailam that night so we went to Giant to get some stuff for the house first..
buying stuff..

 we asked the boys to come for dinner at our place as well that night.. it was damn fun la, cooking and all that...i learned a new recipe!! =) haha.. it turned out superb!! so after dinner, we all sat in the hall and watched movie on Lynn's lappy then the guys went home and we went off to sleep.. so that was Tuesday..

Wednesday: hmmm... first class was counceling, which was canceled coz Mdm was not feeling we went to KFC to do our Critical Thinking assignment as well as have lunch..then we went to ANX18 coz we knew the class will be empty before our Critical Thinking class starts.. so went there, ntg much la..Mdm juz gave us some tips for what mite be coming out for finals and we got our marks..i got a B+ only..haizzz... so sad la.. after class, we went back home then Alias and Lynn came back, so we went driving around due to boredom.. went driving around our area which we've never seen before and we found this..
yes, its one whole row of monkeys! haha..
not really clear, but yeah..there it is..

then after all the monkey seeing, we went back and watched movie on my lappy.. Since Nas is going away today, she'll be going to Mecca to do her umrah, so we thought we should go out for the last time before she goes.. and, we went to Mid Valley to watch 'The Spy Next Door'

me and Biya..

not bad la the movie..very funny.. by the time we all reached home, all damn tired d, so slept like logs till today woke up late for class..hahaha.. luckily managed to make it on time.. now i got nothing to do till Saturday coz i have a replacement class at 11.30am and Sociology class too but the time havent decided yet.. haizzz...the problem is, i need to go for the Catechism teacher's meeting this Sunday but i'm so lazy to go back at the same time coz its only one day, then Monday i gotta come back here again...damn wasting money rite..haizzz... see la how.. 

hahaha..i told you rite we went to Giant that day to buy stuff for the house... me,Biya and Lynn ended up buying a nightie for the 3 of us..all same pattern..hahaha...damn cute!! 
haha..see! lol..
crazy ppl..haha..
i got bored during one of the classes so I
started taking pics of rings..hahaha..nice actually..=)
nice rite?? =)
i love this! =)

so yeah, i'm damn bored now..i got nothing to do till Saturday.. and i dunno why i happy and excited semacam that just now i was listening to Keith Urban's 'I Wanna Love Somebody Like You' and i was dancing,singing and jumping around the whole room..hahaaha...i know, crazy.. :p and plus, my housemates or my roomates are not at wth la.. :p hehehe.. Syahmi wanna go to The Curve tmr..hope it happens!!! okay then, i wanna watch movie now...till then..byeee!!! =D

Monday, February 1, 2010

it all started on Friday..

Yes, it all started on Friday.. i came back from Shah Alam all by myself coz i was too lazy to go back home on Thursday, which i could with Ash and Ainur but i malas...haha.. So i ended up going back alone on Friday.. i reached Kajang at at 12 sharp and walked to church to meet Cat and Daddy.. then we went home and i had to prepare stuff for my part of the game for the Youth Awakening at night, the much awaited event of the weekend.. I didnt manage to take any photos, all Manda took.. i took 1 or 2 oni la..

So, went to church early, but not many was there yet, only Christine and Juan.. so, helped to set up everything while waited for ppl to come..then slowly ppl started coming, and i was really really happy looking at the amount that was coming in..there's this band from Klang called the 'Prodigal Apostles', one of the band members, joined our HFC group on Facebook, so when i sent the msg about the youth awakening, he got it and said that he wanted to come.. he ended up bringing half of his band members that night which was a good and bad thing at the same time..haha..but really glad they came..made new friends and all... and it all went pretty good i guess...=) so, that was Friday..

Saturday, nothing much la actually..stayed at home, and did absolutely NOTHING!! then came Sunday, another one of my much anticipated day..haha..i went for class, and my God, the students were real rascals la.. it was only me and another teacher yesterday, and it was really hard to control them k...i nearly screamed my lungs out but instead i tried to be as patient as possible..=) then after class, i wanted to go for the KLCC mass which was for all the Catholic students in colleges and universities from the KL Diocese.. so i went for that and met so many ppl again after so long. Kevin,Gary,Jacinta,Rebecca,Stephanie,Damien and Patrick..

Its been ages since i last saw all of yea, u can imagine my excitement when i saw all of them.. Not only them, remember i was telling you about the Prodigal Apostles band?? they were there too!! so it added up all the more fun..=D haha..then we went for the fellowship at the hall and talk talk talk.. after all the activities in there, i had to go back to church for the rehersal for the RCIA rites since i'm in the like that la.. then went back home, had a quick bath and we all went to Jusco, Cheras Selatan for shopping..=D hahaha...despite being out the whole day, i could still have the energy to go shopping..well, which girl says no to shopping rite?? hehehe... so basiclly, like that lor..

Today, mummy sent me back but i drove!! hahahha... all the way from Kajang...feel so proud of myself..=D hahaha.. tmr, i've got presentation, small one la but i havent read nuts yet..die la die...oh well, hope to blog again soon if can.. depends on my mood la..till then!! have a great day everyone..=D