Monday, January 18, 2010

of pure randomness...

Hiiii!!! =D another random post by me...hahaha...i'm just filled with crap stuff la...hahaha.. Daddy sent me to my hse early today coz i had stuff to bring.. so as soon as i came, i put all the stuff in and Lynn said the boys were calling us coz there was some we all went to Anx 63.. and a few of them were there already while waiting for their class to start.. Diane,Farhanah,Fong,Clarice and Salmah.. and what else?? camwhore la of coz..:p

Diane, my daddy..

Farhanah, my mummy..=D

our family..LOL...

one big happy family..=D

then after all the camwhoring, we proceeded to Presentation Skills class...and without fail, must take pic yeah..hahhaa..

biya,nas and me..

we just got ntg better to do la..hahhaa..

oh well...thats it la..came back and now i'm lying down on my bed here like a cow wondering what to do next..feel like watching movie tonight la..but dunno whats the plan yet..thats all for now ppl! byeeee!! =D
told u it was random..

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