Friday, January 15, 2010


hey bloggie!! i'm back at my house in Shah Alam.. I went home last Thursday due some personal problem and also coz i miss my family so much.. so happy i got to see them after 2 days.. 2 DAYS! hahaha... what to do, too close to them already then suddenly move to a new environment with them not around, its so different.. anyway, i came back today, brought more stuff and unpacked then Lynn wanted to eat ice cream.. so, me,biya and lynn went to buy ice-cream.. then we thought of driving ard to release tension..haha... and ended up driving all the way to I-City, somewhere in Shah Alam near Bukit Raja..hahaha... but seriously, the place was beautiful!!

Went driving around that area and doing dumb stuff.. then we parked our car and started what girls do...=D

weeee...i like!!


more camwhoring..

and more..

then we started jumping..haha..

lol..tak jadi wan..

hahahha...nice shot..=D

i think we jumped about 30 plus times...leg damn pain d..then we decided to go back home coz we had group studying to go to.. so when we reached, went back to wash up after sweating like pigs and we went to have dinner at aimar's corner or smtg..haha.. supposed to study at Burger King but tak jadi coz the place was so packed, so we decided to study at our place only...the guys are all sitting outside coz they're so shy to come

P.S : I lost my mood to study coz of you, you selfish bitch!!! after everything i went through for you, and u throw shit back at my face like that?? F*** you dude!! get out of my life...

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