Thursday, January 14, 2010

exam! exam! exam!!

okay, i know i havent been blogging in a while..too caught up with so many things.. such as,

: i moved to my new house in Shah Alam..=)
: Mid sem has started and its like shit so far..
: My mind is telling me a thousand things..
: I'm not being myself
: I'm actually very lazy to blog rite now, i'm just doing this so that my blog doesnt look dead..haha..
: i shall now post some random pics of exam pics..

after Philosophy exam..

studying before Sociology exam..

after Critical Thinking..

all so happy happy..=D

oh well, thats about it la..i know, such a random post but nvm...hahhaa..till then..byee!!

P.S: I wished i could turn back the clock and undo everything that happened..=( *sorry*

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