Friday, January 1, 2010


the year 2009 has been a wonderful year indeed... There's so many things that happened, good times and bad times and whatever that happened, i will not forget every second of it.. looking back at the years, i had so much fun, going to college for the first time, making a whole lot of new friends, late nights..and all those stuff.. i dont know if i've done anything good last year :p but i'm sure there was something good i did...haha.. i still remember my last confession with Father in church... I think thats by far my best confession ever... there's just so much that happened in 2009...i wish i could remember everything.. well, here are some of the things i can remember...

yes, i started the year with this two clowns by my side all the time..
but it suddenly changed as the year went by..*sigghh* i miss those times..

LnL Follow Up Camp 08..

Easter Play..

i started college and got awesome set of friends!!

LnL MAD project...

Matthew going to US for 5 months..

my buddies i hung out with when i had nothing to do..

Youth Leadership Camp...

Sabah trip pics..
me and daddy, very rare...

baby Gideon..=)

I love this pic!! me and my cousins an siblings..

my beloved brother and sister..

my newfound boyfriend..

my 18th birthday cake...=)

Christmas!! =D

well, those are some of the past events that i can remember of that happen in 2009... there's more i know but i just cant remember..oh well, here is my 2 last photos that i wanna post up and have a confession to make...

Love and Life 08

I wanna say sorry to all the faci's that faci-ed for LnL09 this year...i know i shouldnt have written that post in Fb, it was wrong for me to do that..because of that and my attendance, i ended up not faciing.. once again i'm really really sorry..hope i'm forgive..

My best friend, Kevin George..

I'm really sorry i lied to you and opened my big mouth and told things i'm not supposed to.. I almost lost you.. I did loose you for 2 months.. but i'm glad everything is okay now.. I'm really really sorry once again.. I love you loads ding dong!!! =D

Well, thats about it i guess about last year.. Like i said there are so many other things that happened which i cant remember..what i know is, i learned a lot of things, a whole lot of things..i found the love of my life in that year and it was the best time ever..and it thought me in a way to be a better person..i hope i will be a better person.. :p I loved 2009!! and i know that 2010 will be better... =D so, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! God bless and Have a great year...

P.S: I love you everyone!!! =D

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