Monday, January 18, 2010

of pure randomness...

Hiiii!!! =D another random post by me...hahaha...i'm just filled with crap stuff la...hahaha.. Daddy sent me to my hse early today coz i had stuff to bring.. so as soon as i came, i put all the stuff in and Lynn said the boys were calling us coz there was some we all went to Anx 63.. and a few of them were there already while waiting for their class to start.. Diane,Farhanah,Fong,Clarice and Salmah.. and what else?? camwhore la of coz..:p

Diane, my daddy..

Farhanah, my mummy..=D

our family..LOL...

one big happy family..=D

then after all the camwhoring, we proceeded to Presentation Skills class...and without fail, must take pic yeah..hahhaa..

biya,nas and me..

we just got ntg better to do la..hahhaa..

oh well...thats it la..came back and now i'm lying down on my bed here like a cow wondering what to do next..feel like watching movie tonight la..but dunno whats the plan yet..thats all for now ppl! byeeee!! =D
told u it was random..

Friday, January 15, 2010


hey bloggie!! i'm back at my house in Shah Alam.. I went home last Thursday due some personal problem and also coz i miss my family so much.. so happy i got to see them after 2 days.. 2 DAYS! hahaha... what to do, too close to them already then suddenly move to a new environment with them not around, its so different.. anyway, i came back today, brought more stuff and unpacked then Lynn wanted to eat ice cream.. so, me,biya and lynn went to buy ice-cream.. then we thought of driving ard to release tension..haha... and ended up driving all the way to I-City, somewhere in Shah Alam near Bukit Raja..hahaha... but seriously, the place was beautiful!!

Went driving around that area and doing dumb stuff.. then we parked our car and started what girls do...=D

weeee...i like!!


more camwhoring..

and more..

then we started jumping..haha..

lol..tak jadi wan..

hahahha...nice shot..=D

i think we jumped about 30 plus times...leg damn pain d..then we decided to go back home coz we had group studying to go to.. so when we reached, went back to wash up after sweating like pigs and we went to have dinner at aimar's corner or smtg..haha.. supposed to study at Burger King but tak jadi coz the place was so packed, so we decided to study at our place only...the guys are all sitting outside coz they're so shy to come

P.S : I lost my mood to study coz of you, you selfish bitch!!! after everything i went through for you, and u throw shit back at my face like that?? F*** you dude!! get out of my life...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

exam! exam! exam!!

okay, i know i havent been blogging in a while..too caught up with so many things.. such as,

: i moved to my new house in Shah Alam..=)
: Mid sem has started and its like shit so far..
: My mind is telling me a thousand things..
: I'm not being myself
: I'm actually very lazy to blog rite now, i'm just doing this so that my blog doesnt look dead..haha..
: i shall now post some random pics of exam pics..

after Philosophy exam..

studying before Sociology exam..

after Critical Thinking..

all so happy happy..=D

oh well, thats about it la..i know, such a random post but nvm...hahhaa..till then..byee!!

P.S: I wished i could turn back the clock and undo everything that happened..=( *sorry*

Thursday, January 7, 2010

so much for '1 Malaysia'..

Fire attack fails in PJ church
By Debra Chong
PETALING JAYA, Jan 8 — A Catholic church next to the Assunta Hospital here came under attack early this morning, just hours after another church in nearby Kuala Lumpur was torched.
Roman Catholic church officials said some homemade explosives were lobbed into the Church of the Assumption in Jalan Templar at about 4am.
“It did not explode,” said Father Lawrence Andrew, the editor of Catholic paper Herald.
Lawrence was himself informed of the incident through a text message sent out by Assumption parish priest Father Phillips Muthu.
“Someone threw homemade kerosene explosives into Assumption Church, Jalan Templar, Petaling Jaya at 4am. Am going to Police later. Earlier the Metro Tabernacle was burned in Desa Melawati, media has filed story,” said the message forwarded to The Malaysian Insider.
This is the second such reported attack on a church in the last 12 hours.
A Protestant church, Metro Tabernacle in leafy Desa Melawati, was torched at around midnight.
The fire took out the church's administrative office, which is housed on the ground floor of its three-storey premises.
Eyewitnesses recounted seeing several people on motorcycles stopping in front of the church and smashing the glass windows to pour flammable liquid and igniting the blaze.
Church officials have reported the attack to the police.
Kuala Lumpur police chief Mohamad Sabtu Osman said it was too early to link the attack on the church to Muslim protests over a High Court ruling allowing the weeklyHerald to publish the word “Allah” to refer to God in the Christian context.
“'We are still investigating,”' he is reported to have said.
Mohamad Sabtu also warned Muslims not to take part in planned protests at several mosques in the Klang Valley after Friday prayers.
The mercury is expected to rise and all fire stations have been put on the alert.
The police have also tightened their nightly patrols around churches in the past week following the High Court ruling on Dec 31..

Friday, January 1, 2010


the year 2009 has been a wonderful year indeed... There's so many things that happened, good times and bad times and whatever that happened, i will not forget every second of it.. looking back at the years, i had so much fun, going to college for the first time, making a whole lot of new friends, late nights..and all those stuff.. i dont know if i've done anything good last year :p but i'm sure there was something good i did...haha.. i still remember my last confession with Father in church... I think thats by far my best confession ever... there's just so much that happened in 2009...i wish i could remember everything.. well, here are some of the things i can remember...

yes, i started the year with this two clowns by my side all the time..
but it suddenly changed as the year went by..*sigghh* i miss those times..

LnL Follow Up Camp 08..

Easter Play..

i started college and got awesome set of friends!!

LnL MAD project...

Matthew going to US for 5 months..

my buddies i hung out with when i had nothing to do..

Youth Leadership Camp...

Sabah trip pics..
me and daddy, very rare...

baby Gideon..=)

I love this pic!! me and my cousins an siblings..

my beloved brother and sister..

my newfound boyfriend..

my 18th birthday cake...=)

Christmas!! =D

well, those are some of the past events that i can remember of that happen in 2009... there's more i know but i just cant remember..oh well, here is my 2 last photos that i wanna post up and have a confession to make...

Love and Life 08

I wanna say sorry to all the faci's that faci-ed for LnL09 this year...i know i shouldnt have written that post in Fb, it was wrong for me to do that..because of that and my attendance, i ended up not faciing.. once again i'm really really sorry..hope i'm forgive..

My best friend, Kevin George..

I'm really sorry i lied to you and opened my big mouth and told things i'm not supposed to.. I almost lost you.. I did loose you for 2 months.. but i'm glad everything is okay now.. I'm really really sorry once again.. I love you loads ding dong!!! =D

Well, thats about it i guess about last year.. Like i said there are so many other things that happened which i cant remember..what i know is, i learned a lot of things, a whole lot of things..i found the love of my life in that year and it was the best time ever..and it thought me in a way to be a better person..i hope i will be a better person.. :p I loved 2009!! and i know that 2010 will be better... =D so, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! God bless and Have a great year...

P.S: I love you everyone!!! =D