Thursday, December 3, 2009

where there is love, i'll be there...=)

Hello again!! haha..this post is gonna be kinda long so please bear with me..=) day before yesterday, i stayed over at Biya and Lynn's hse coz class was starting early the next day and finish late on that day.. so i took the KTM early in the morning at 6am and got off at KL station..then went to coll, had class and after class, the boys sent me to Biya's hse to leave all my stuff there..then  Giha came and fetched us again at 1 for another class.. boys in one car, girls in another car..haha..

on the way for class...

then after class, we met up again and the boys went back to their apartment and the girls went back to Biya and Lynn's hse..Giha was staying over that she came along as well..oh btw, on the way back our coll was FLOODED!!! yea, we went back to the hse and gossiped and emoed and had pillow was nice though having the chance to open up and release everything..then at 8pm we went back to campus coz Giha wanted to bathe and take her clothes*me,Lynn and Biya didnt bathe =p*... the flood water went down a bit by that time already..then we went to Giant to buy picnic kinda food coz we wanted to go to a padang and eat..haha.. then we went to pick Amirul up and waited for the boys..

then after the boys, Naufal, Alias and Aiman came, we discussed where to go..original plan was to go to Bukit Kajang.. i have no idea where's that..but then Giha said its too far so we all settled for......PUTRAJAYA!! yeah, we went to damn nice at night mann...the lights and all...awesome!!

In Putrajaya!! :D

having our picnic =)

started getting a little crazy..

getting crazier..

the boys took over the girls..


showing how patriotic we are..

we wore the same type of top coincidentally..haha..

so yeah, that was our outing..we got chased away at sad..LOL..the 'police' i think came ard in their bikes and chased everyone away in that we left la..wanted to watch movie but didnt happen..oh well..maybe next time..we reached Shah Alam at ard 1am then we went back to our homes and slept... the next day all stone d coz class was at 8am..haha..but we managed to make it anyways..

after morning class and mentor mentee meeting, me, Biya,Aiman,Amirul and Naufal went back home and had a nap in the afternoon before our evening class with Mr PK! =D haha.. Naufal fetched me and Biya at her hse and we went for class.. not long after, it started raining it started to flood a few of my classmates went to repark their cars and all that.. and Mr PK gave us a short break so all of us went out to look at the jakuns =p hahaha...i dont have a pic of that yet...i'll upload in Fb la..see there je..the water was lower than the knee high at the middle..haha..

hmm..then after class, daddy came to fetch me and sent me to Mum's hse coz he had to go for meeting with mummy, and i drove to Aunty Maureen's hse coz had was Papa's bday so we thought of having dinner la..i was so damn tired and sleepy by the time finish dinner la..had class like the whole day..madness man..and daddy and mummy still havent come back..i ended up sleeping off on the chair..hahaha..finally at 11pm they came..then after they ate, me and mummy went back first..daddy stayed on a while to do his work..i went back and just slept off...hahaha..

today, gotta finish my assignment for Presentation Skills which is doing an English game in a in do a game that involves Eng..i'm still working on far so good..tmr i'll be going to Pahang with the rest of the clan...Joshua,Jonathan,Jeremy,Joel,Cat,U.Johnny,U.Jerry,A.Maureen and U.Herbert...Mummy and Daddy not coming coz they got stuff to do...looking forward to tmr =) have to wake up at 4 coz they wanna leave at 5.30am..:( nvm nvm...its gonna be damn nice!! :D i'll update on that when i get back..thats all for now..byeee!!!!


  1. uh oh..jealous to see those pictures :'(
    i'm not included!

  2. hehe..chill la gal...lain kali we go out =)

  3. hoho..perlu ke ko bagitau aku x mandi??LOL..