Wednesday, December 9, 2009


hehehe....based on the title, you can guess that i'm really really EXCITED!!! well, thats because i finally watched NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesssss!! i finally watched it =) well, yesterday i stayed over at Biya's house again coz class finished late on tuesday and starts early today. So i decided to stayover and suprsingly daddy let. Wow..haha.. So, i packed my stuff yet again for one night there. Went with mummy to work and she dropped me off at Bukit Bintang station and i took the Monorail to KL Sentral then took the KTM..The train was already there and the door was about to close but i ran in and everyone was giving me the look..hahaha..thank God had a place to seat..=)

So when i reached, quickly took a cab and i managed to reach class in time..Prof gave us a short essay to do about 'My Vision' for Philosophy. After that we had Counceling and Guidance class and as usual i'll get bored there and my mind will wonder off somewhere or i'll start doing something dumb..hahaha..seriously la, that class is really boring to the max.. so i ended up taking pics of ppl ard me which were clearly not concentrating as well..:p

syahmi and amirul..LOL..and aiman is sleeping(headache)

Nas with the phone, Naufal trying to concentrate and Biya was using nail polish :p

me being in love with my fingers..:p

me and Shan...i love her!! :D

so yeah..after counceling class, we straight had to go to campus for Sociology with Mr PK! haha..he's really funny la..dunno how to explain sumore. class finished at 7 then me,Biya and Lynn went home to chill for a while..then Alias called Lynn and wanted to have we went to have dinner in a shop nearby.. after dinner, Alias had some problem to settle at Subang so me,Biya,Lynn,Alias and Naufal went down to Subang..after that, we were deciding whether or not to watch movie..after much procrastination, we decided to go to Mid Valley to watch NEW MOON!!! :D i was the happiest person there...hahahha...

So, we went back home to change clothes and wash up before going out, then Alias and Naufal picked me,Biya and Lynn up..last minute Nas said she wants to tag along, so she came as well..all 6 of us squeezed in a Viva!! hahaha..all the way from Shah Alam to Mid Valley..and Alias was going like 140km/h coz we were late d.. When we finally reached there, quickly went to the counter to buy tickets but the 11.40pm wan was already in seating so we decided to take the 12.20am we waited la..had McD ice cream and walked around Mid Valley..I've never seen Mid Valley so empty and quiet mann..hahhaa..

Biya was taking pic but i sibuked at the back :p

Lynn joined in...haha..

so at 12.20, we went in and the GSC dude came and talked to me..LOL..and i finally watched NEW MOON!! :D

i refuse to put Edward's pic..:p



as you can imagine, during the whole movie, i was practically drooling and almost fell off my chair laughing too much..haha..madness la..then after the movie, we came out of Mid Valley ard 3 plus..went to jalan-jalan sumore after that, as in driving ard here and there..finally we decided to go home at the time we went back, we were so tired and just slept thing i know, my alarm at 7am was i woke up bathe and got ready for class..Biya was too lazy to go, so i borrowed Lynn's car and went to coll for class..ended up, only 7 ppl came..the rest all my bloody time only..haha..thank God class was one hour only..i drove back to Lynn's hse and slept back..HAHAHAHA...till like 12pm coz had another class at yea..

so after Critical Thinking class at 1 which finished at 2, we went to Giant for lunch and i waited for daddy to fetch me..luckily i didnt have to go back by train..:p and now i'm sitting here, eyes half closed coz i'm damn sleepy..tmr oso class at 8am..****!! haizzzz....nvm nvm..i shall go and have a nap now..till then...byee!!!

*WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* I'm so happifed!!!!! :D

P.S: You won the dare!! :D *huggsss*

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