Sunday, December 6, 2009

pigging out weekend..

hey guys!! I've just got back from Pahang and it was awesome although it was only 2 days but nevertheless it was really fun..this trip was supposed to be weeks back but was postponed till yesterday. On Saturday morning,   Uncle Jerry fetched us at 5.45am =( and we begin our journey..first we stopped by at Sg.Long to fetch someone. I didnt know who was that till we reached the Gombak toll..turns out he was Chef Maurinus ( i think thats how you spell his name), the chef that marinated and roasted the chicken that the church bought. Yeah, that was the dude...hahahaha...

We waited at the Gombak toll till like 5 cars came and i didnt know who they were till we reached Uncle Jerry's chicken farm at Kuala Lipis. Turns out they were journalist and food bloggers. Some big shot ppl la.

the farm

the chickens..

the chicken balls..LOL..

Okay, that wasnt exactly chicken balls, its actually the reproduction organ (testis i'm guessing :p) which is called Yim Kai..they take it out while castrating the chicken. It looks like the balls so thats why i call it chicken balls..hahaha.. So, when we reached there, the ppl all introduced themselves and the Chef made pate' so we had that for breakfast..then was the tour around the farm. When it came to the castration part, all of them were saying "chicken balls" and walking around..LOL..and after the tour, they were asking each other, "so, have you been cooped?" HAHA...

After the tour and all, we went to have lunch at Kuala Lipis town which wasnt very far off. We had 11 course meal k..i didnt manage to take pics coz the journalist and bloggers were using their hi tech cameras and phones and i was too embarassed to take mine out so i thought nvm..haha..the 11 course were, first up, the chicken of course..

I took that pic from the internet..haha..then we had tauge, wild boar served in two kinds-one is curry and the other wan was the chinese style, steamed patin fish, wheat grass tauhu, pork with some thousand island sauce, four angle veggie, kangkung belacan, roasted duck and fish fillet. Freaking lot la i tell you..ate till my stomach almost burst. haha.. after lunch, the ppl all went back and Uncle Jerry and us headed to our grandaunty's hse..  when we reached, Aunty Maureen and the rest were there already. Not long after, Aunty Pricilly and her family came. haha..such a coincidence.

Since we had nothing to do there, we brought movies and turned out Uncle Paul brought movies as we started off by watching Transforemers 2. And btw, we had a 'cinema' name too..CGD Cinema..LOL..and you know what it stands for? Cows Goats and Dogs Cinema. hahaha.. Coz my grandaunty and uncles rares goats and cows and sell the milk. so there's like a Goat and Cow farm behind their house.. and the Dogs was because there were so many dogs around the area.. so yea..haha..

After watching that, i went to bathe and the movie mania paused a while due to small kids around, so we were forced to put Barney and Thomas & Friends...hahahaha...while waiting, we had dinner which was wild boar curry, fish curry, chicken curry, sotong sambal and 2 types of veggie... haha..all meat only man.. serious pig out weekend. so after dinner, while waiting for the 'premier' of 2012 to start at CGD Cinema, I onlined to check facebook and twitter.. Jonathan assigned us as:

Popcorn man: Jonathan
Ticket man: Joshua
The dude who stands hands cross on the screen before any movie start: Joel
Cleaning lady: Me =.=! haha..

So i finally got to watch 2012..ok la the movie, nothing great..i ended up dozing off halfway but woke up with the presence of Baileys =) haha.. after the movie, we headed for bed coz everyone was so exausted. The next day which is today, woke up had breakfast, tosai with wild boar curry and chicken curry. After breakfast, we had a walk outside the compound. We went behind to see the cows and goats.

 the cows..the goats were far behind there la..couldnt see..

some random dog cage which had a few puppies.

the front of the hse with a mini roundabout.

then we headed inside..*got xmas tree d=(*

After our morning walk, went to bathe and pack to get ready for mass. quickly rushed for mass at Raub which was 30 mins away from my grandaunty's hse. managed to get there on time la luckily..the decorations is already up nice =(


then we headed for lunch at some chinese shop. and again we had chicken..the same one we had yesterday. but i have to say, i can never get bored of eating that chicken la..coz its so GOOOODDDD!!!! haha..serious pig out weekend and eat and eat only..haha.. after that, we left for home. But, on the way back, we stopped at Bentong for some home made ice-cream..=) told ya its a pig out weekend..haha.. amazingly, i didnt fall asleep in the car..i was looking out the window and i'm at home, blogging and searching for English language classroom games for my assignment which is due tmr..=p i'm still figuring out what to do..hmm..oh well..see la how.. tmr my class at 2pm got time la :) well, thats all ppl...chiow!! need to do research..! byeeee!!!