Thursday, December 24, 2009

my 18th birthday..

22nd December 2009 marks the day i turned 18 years old..and how i spent my 18th birthday?? by this,

going to class

in class again..

i woke up that morning at 6, thinking class was at 10 when actually it was 9.. I followed mummy and she sent me to Bukit Bintang station then i went to KL Sentral and took the train.. It was in the train i realised class starts at 9...i was panicking like crap.. Being late on my embarassing..haha.. Thank God it was the shuttle train so i reached kinda fast but it was already 9am! I finally reached class at 9.15 and saw everyone was still outside..haha..lecturer didnt come yet..thank God la!! and they all started singing for me..=) hahaha... Ash gave me 3 bars of chocolate!! =D *extra happiness* hahaha...Arifah gave me a cake..haha..

We had presentation also that day.. I was freaking out like crap k..i have massive stage fright..*and i'm gonna be a future teacher =.=!* hahaha... But Thank goodness i did okay, i think... After that, we had lunch at Giant again..LOL.. and went for our next class and they sang for me again and also for the other class..=) haha..THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Hafiz gave me chcolate too!! and so did Naufal!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhahaha....

So after classes finished at 7, daddy came and fetched me and my family went out for dinner then we all went to Aunty Maureen's hse... I never expected to have a birthday cake.. I thought it was just to meet everyone else coz its my birthday and i thought i wont be celebrating.. I was suprised i must say..


 And my birthday present from Mummy,Daddy, Joel and Cat??


I cant tell you how excited i was...hahahhaa...i was so so so happified..haha..Cecelia Ahern is one of my fav authors and thats her latest book... I've been dying to get it since I laid my eyes on it and now here i am the proud owner of it!! haha.. Well, basically that was my birthday..nothing much to blog about..just that, i thank my family so so much for doing all of this for me.. I really love them so so much..XOXO..

P.S: Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all..!!!
P.P.S: Thank you for the kiss..!! (on the cheeks la!) =D

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