Monday, December 28, 2009

the monday blues..

So today i woke up feeling so lazy to go to college because it'll be 4 hours of travelling for just 2 hours of class.. But there was one thing that kept me wanting to go for class so i went instead.. Presentation skills.. Hmmm... We were all still doing our presentation which is to do a classroom game, my turn has not yet come so i'm still safe.. Nas, Hafiz and another girl(dunno whats her name) did their presentation/game... Nas did a riddle game, Hafiz did the memory game thing and the girl did some game where you must name another thing with the last alphabet the last person said..

Had fun laughing and laughing at all the games and jokes and bla bla bla... Too lazy to write but i still wanna blog..hahaha.. Anyway, after class, we had a short mentor mentee meeting to discuss about the 1 Malaysia competition thingy.. ended up, i dont have a spot in anything coz i didnt go to class last Thursday, so tmr they'll discuss again about everything.. After that, i went to the library to return back the books which i borrowed last week to do my assignment which i have not finished yet and which i have to hand in next week.. WONDERFUL!!

After all that, i took the taxi to Batu Tiga ktm station..thank God i had a good taxi driver.. He took some shortcut and i reached there fast and it was cheaper too.. So i had  no complains.. That was till i was waiting at the station and the time said the train will come at 4.40.. I was at the station at 4.30 btw.. so yea, then they changed the time to 5.00, then it changed to 5.12 and they kept changing the time later and later...the final time they changed it was! waiting for the bloody ktm for more than an hour k.. and standing sumore..

The train finally came at 5.15 and i decided to go to Mummy's office coz i didnt wanna wait anymore for the stupid ktm to Kajang.. I got off at Sentral and took the monorail to Raja Chulan, near mummy's office.. reached there, i got lost...=.=! Thank goodness Abby came to fetch me and we waited somewhere in front of Pavillion.. then Mummy came and fetched us.. Mummy bought for me a new dress..!!!! from Yin and Yang...Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I love it.!! hehehhe..and we're gonna go out in a bit..=) I finally got daddy to agree to let me stay at Biya's hse... So, if everything goes well, i'll be moving there next week..=) finally!! no more travelling everyday....ahhh...the feeling....hahahhaa...oh well, thats all for now..tmr class starts at 9...have to go early..haizzz....okay then...byeeeee!!! =D

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