Monday, December 21, 2009

happenings and happenings..

hmm..where should i start?? let me just start from the youths decorating the church last sunday..i have short term memory lost so i cant remember a few things :p anyway, yesterday to be exact Fr asked the youths to help decorate the church as Christmas is drawing near, so i sent message on facebook asking everyone to come and help out..turn out, the number were few but the hands were many so i didnt really have any complains..=)

the altar boys did the crib and some helped to do the Christmas tree, which looks weird i have to say..:p what??! I'm being honest k.. it looks empty...oh well...

the girls who did the curtain upstairs..*i'm missing=(*

the curtain too 2 hours to complete k! we tied the thing at one part and it was wrong then had to take out the whole thing and bring to the other part and do which was wrong again...goodness!! haha..good workout anyway =p haha..

Alvin doing the curtain thingy on the wall..

the botak looking Xmas tree..

ding dong bell...haha..

I had to leave early coz daddy said he wanted to go out..God knew where he wanted to go..tengok tengok, he brought us for Christmas shopping!! ok la, not massive one..just a simple one coz we're not celebrating this year..i know, sad right..oh well..haizz..i just got a dress, simple maroon one and i insisted getting something for my birthday as well, so i bought a top and a pants..=) that will do la..mummy is buying for me a book..i'm more than happy to get a new that la..

after our mini shopping, we went to my uncles's hse for prayers.. after prayers, went to Mum's house for fun and did nothing.. talk and talk and talk and we went home at about 12am plus.. when we got home, Daddy gave me my early birthday present which was..........a brand new phone!!!! Nokia 6212 classic...=)


Ok la..not the latest model or anything but its a new phone!! it even has touch N go inside it k...damn yea, i'm all excited for my new toy.. today, as i was waiting at the station for Daddy to come fetch me, i was imagining that daddy will come fetch me either in a black MyVi or a black Viva =) My favourite-st car in the whole world..hahahaha...and he'll say thats my new car..but *slap slap* back to reality, he came in the red kenari...pffftttt....haha..went for prayers at uncle's hse and then went to church for penitential service..i got such a nice priest and talked to him quite long about relationships and some other stuff till i ended up usual..haha..

But at least i feel so light now..and i now know a few things about having a relationship with another religeon..and i'm happy to say that its okay to have that relationship as long as you know your limits and intentions.. thats what the priest told me..=) Oh well, tmr's my birthday, 18 at last..haha.. and i'll be having classes till 7pm..=( but i think daddy will be fetching me so i wont be staying over at Biya's hse tmr..hopefully on wednesday can..:) okay la, i gtg d...need to finish my assignment or else tmr i'm dead...till then ppl!! byeee!!

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