Saturday, December 12, 2009

girls day out..

This post was supposed to be done yesterday but due to my infinite lazyness and coz the stupid blogger and facebook cant upload the pics, so i decided to do it today =)

So yesterday morning, i started cleaning up my house coz Christmas is around the corner therefore Spring cleaning has officially started..:) i was cleaning up my room, taking out all the clothes from the cupboard and rearranging them and putting them in order and all that.. I was shocked to see the amount of clothes that i have in my cupboard and to think that i always complain that i dun have clothes..=p

Lol..thats just one part of the cupboard and look at the amount of clothes..:p

Daddy and Mummy had to go for their Charity Golf thingy at Nilai Springs so they were out the whole day *woohoo* which left only me,bro,sis and Jordy at home alone..oopss, i forgot to mention, THE CAR!!! *muahahahhaha* after they left,i quickly cleaned up my room coz i was supposed to go to Alamanda to meet Lynn and Biya for fun and to watch movie.. after all that, i bathe and sent Joel and Cat to grandma's hse and off i went to Alamanda..

Goodness i tell you that place find parking was like taking 10 million effing crowded just because it was a public holiday for Selangor..arghhhh!! after thy kindom come, i finally managed to get a parking at the highest level =.=, I went in to nmeet up with Lynn and Biya. Met them and Biya's friend came along as well, Kak Amim..then we headed for karaoke..i suck at karaoke mind you..:p i cant sing for nuts..haha..

Lynn, doing her thing..haha..

Kak Amim, awesome voice..

biya and i..

Lynn and i

after an hour of karaokeing, we wanted to go watch movie, The Princess and The Frog but the cinema was so freaking crowded and the line was so long so we decided to watch it another we had lunch instead at Johnny's steamboat..

After lunch, we walked around coz we were super full and needed some we went to MPH to see books!! my heaven =) 

then we went to Vincci to look at shoes, my other part of heaven..:p while walking to the centre court, we passed by Famous Amos and the smell of the cookies just made me drooollll...superb la..haha..and i just had to take pic with the car thing there with lots of Chritmas deco's.. Coz the whole of Alamanda, not even half of it is decorated with Christmas stuff and the car thing was the only one thats decorated..Like HELLO, its CHRISTMAS!!! Cant they decorate it like Sunway or Pavillion or anyway, i took pic with that ;p

tada!! damn nice...:)

after that, we went looking around for something to look at till we got bored and decided to go home..haha..when i went home, Matt and Mum was cleaning the house so i helped a bit a bit la..then i went to bathe and went for PYC meeting in church. After meeting, went to Mum's hse and went out for teh tarik with Abby and Matt then went back home.. 

Today, went to the vet in the morning to bring Jordy coz he had tick infection under his neck so the doc put some med and made him sleep and took out the was all bleeding.i felt like crying la..and when he was getting up, he was so dizzy..i was so damn worried la..haizz...thank God he's okay now..:) 

At night, went to Tesco to buy presents for the Christmas gathering which will be this Friday.. I'm suppose to prepare games but havent done anything :p and caroling that lor..I cant wait for Christmas!! 12 days away...weeeeee!!! 

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