Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shop shop!!

Yesterday, me and Cyntia went to Times Square to shop shop!! haha..we went with her sis, mum and aunty..its sorta like their Christmas shopping but i just tagged along coz i had ntg better to do at home and also coz daddy is in BALI!!! hahahaha..i'm so bad..:p anyway, i went to Cyn's hse at 11.30 and was supposed to leave at 12.30 i think but ended up leaving a bit later..haha..we went to fetch her aunty in Sg.Jelok then headed off to TS..

then when we reached there, we entered the first shop and immediately started buying clothes, not me la, her aunty and mum all...every shop sure will buy smtg wan wei..madness...hahaha..they certainly did massive shopping..i just bought a top,leggings and a jacket...i cant wait till Christmas to wear the clothes, i think this sunday itself i'll wear d...hahahha...anyway, we continued walking ard all the shops there...every shop in that floor k..madness..

after that, me and Cyn went to eat while her fml continued shopping..

miss lurvee and miss into the future..haha..

then, continued walking and was basically shopping spree la..haha..but it was so fun la..we shopped till like almost 8.30 then oni we left! haha..of coz we had to do stupid stuff all like take random pics and all that..hahaha.. then Susan sent me back to mum's hse ard 9 smtg and i went home after mummy came back and i onlined a while and went to sleep..haha..

Today, i baked cake for Matthew's bday this saturday..couldnt celebrate coz he was in US, so now since he's back, will be celebrating on made a fruit cake..then i quickly had a bath and went to fetch Naz and Joshua to go to Cheras Selatan..original plan was to go Mid, but tak jadi coz we all so lazy to take the ended up we went to CS and i drove there..

reached there oni, we quickly went to book tickets for THIS IS IT :) the movie was at 12.10 and we were buying ticks at 12.08...hahahahha...we managed to get it and rushed in..just in time for it to start...and i must say, it was totally awesome!! i mean, they rehearsed so so well and i was so entertained by it...i was practically singing and swaying(in the verge of standing up and dancing) away..haha..i teared a bit when he sang 'I'll Be There'.... goodness.. but seriously, it was so really would have been a great concert...haha...may God bless him always...You Rock MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

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