Monday, November 16, 2009


so much for blogging everyday la..haha..anyway, here's what i did for the past 2 days..i'm too lazy to blog so i shall just sum everything up..:p

: went to the Tip of Borneo..such a lovely view there..its really worth travelling 3 hours by car and seeing the view there..


standing at the Tip of Borneo :) dengan bangganya :p hahahha...

: then at night we went out for dinner at the pasar malam or having street food la..nice actually, ikan bakar,sotong bakar..good stuff :)
:we had steamboat for dinner last night at a floating restaurant...awesome stuff..all the seafood was
:next day which is today, we went for my cousin, Arnold Gideon Roy's baptism in Stella Maris church which is at Tanjung Aru.. church is super nice..
: then we went island hopping to Memutik Island and Menukan island..and it was so so so BEAUTIFUL!! u could see the fishes and corals like a few steps away from the shore..sadly i didnt bring my swimsuit..totally forgot k..and i couldnt go snorkling or bathe in the sea :( how sad..haizz..
:we also went for a short trail of jungle trekking..which was also really nice..felt so close to nature..:)
: tmr we'll be going to Kundasang, Ranau and Tamparuli :) cant wait!!!

: i shall upload photos when i get back k :) thats all for now...byeee!!

me and Deborah..

Natalie and me..

Arnold Gideon Roy :)

camwhore as usual...:p

never ending i know :p

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