Sunday, November 8, 2009

the random things..

Ok, firstly here are the pics i promised from yesterdays outing..

LOL...dun kill me Victor..:p

Glynn and Juan

                                                              Alvin and his sejarah..haha..

Thats about it la...malas wanna, yesterday night went for mass then went over to Aunty Maureen's hse for dinner coz it was Josh's bday..then we headed to Mum's hse for Matt's bday..we made the 'grand entrance' there..hahaha..if you know what i mean. so little ppl there d at that ended up me,Abby,Matt and Sandeep sat outside there and drinking :p vodka with 7up :)  i think i had one too many and was seeing stars d..hahaha..coz when i went back, i just slept off as soon as i touched the

Today, went to Mama's hse to clean up coz last Friday, the hse got broke in and everything was in a mess..Thank God no one was hurt, they stole just some gold went there to clean was fun coz while cleaning up, we found some old pics of my uncles and those times with the bell bottom pants and the hair all..had a really good time laughing at all the pics..

me: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Look at daddy!! Look like some tamil actor..and look at U.Johnny's pants! goodness...
U.Johnny: Ya ya...wait till you're 40 then we'll all be laughing at your pics!
HAHAHAHA!!! its so funny la..i had a real good time..

mummy and aunty maureen looking at the photos..

                                                                     me and Jordy :)


                                                               U.Johnny fooling ard..haha..

                                                        Josh and Jeremy fooling ard..

                                                             doing gardening pulak..

                                                     i found my missing CONGKAK set!!!

so yea, that was basically today...going out for dinner in a while..then come back and do dunno wat..haiz...suppose to go for Nisha's youth gathering but thanks to my DAD, i cant go...i'm really really really REALLY sorry Nisha :( i know ur mad at me for not going but i got no choice :( haizzz...sorry :(  tmr, is gonna be another boring day..*sighhh* plz holidays, finish fast :(

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