Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last Thursday, me and Cyntia went to Alamanda to watch Jennifer's Body...that was due to my boredom at home and also coz i was pissed with i told mummy that i'll be going out but i didnt tell her that i was taking the car :p so i went to fetch Cyntia at ard 11am then we went to Alamanda..haha..quickly went to book tickets for the 12.30 show and then did nothing while waiting..and mind you, i was money-less k..haha..i had to save money and tried not to spend..

so we had lunch, McD as usual..i ate Oreo McFlurry since i wasnt very hungry..after lunch, we just window shopped ard the whole of Alamanda..then we went for the was OKAY la..nothing great about it..ppl mainly watch the movie mainly for Megan Fox's body thats all coz i had to admit, it was totally HOT! after the movie, we had to go back coz i had to be back before daddy got back..hehehe..and i made it!! haha.. so that was Thursday basically..

On Friday, i decided to meet up with Anne, Nisha and Alvin to discuss about our youth gathering we wanted to have i fetched Nisha from school and headed to McD(again!) while waiting for Alvin and Anne..we were just randomly talking while waiting for them la..then Alvin came and talk talk talk as usual all of us..then Anne came with Dee Lyn, since it was her bday, so we sang for her..:)

then went to order food, and while me and Nisha was ordering food, Alvin took my phone and sent this msg : 'I am a weird girl. Nice to meet you'  to Alfred,Pamela,Nisha,Juan and Christine!! goodness...that fella ah..hahahaha..since the line was so long, me and Nisha went up again to wait coz seriously the line wasnt moving..we saw Victor oso working behind there at the went up and discussed bout out gathering.. everything well planned d..i mean sorta well planned.. so, we were to confirm on Sunday, which tak jadi coz everyone said they busy..pfttt...

so maybe we making after SPM oni la..after our 'meeting' i sent Nisha and Alvin home..then went back and talk talk talk to my cousin and grandma...they bullied me and asked me to make tea..haha..then i waited for daddy to go for rosary in church..went to church oni, Juan asked me to say rosary in BM in church coz the Living Rosary was cancelled due to heavy rain earlier.. so i went scary la..i'm still not used to standing in front of crowds yet..very scary after that was mass, then went back and did story book till ard 11 then slept...

that was basically till Friday, Saturday ntg much la..went for mass..and i missed the AAR concert coz i gave my ticket to Matt as his bday present..haizz...nvm..there's always next time..then today, my zone had breakfast sale so i was busy there helping out la..thats'll be another 3 weeks before my 2nd sem starts..damn long la..dunno wat to do :( daddy will be going to Bali on tuesday and i'll be starting my movie fest :p hahahha... thats about it la for this week...till then, bye!

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