Friday, November 13, 2009

hello from sabah!!

1st day here.. i shall try to blog everyday while i'm here..haha...damn lifeless i know..the Air Asia steward was so damn freaking HOT!!! aahhhhhh!!!! he smilled at me and said "thank you for flying with us. Please come again"...ahhhhhhhh!!!!!Lol.. anyway, we landed here last night at around 12.45am..then U.Jim(mum's bro) came to fetch us from the airport and brought us to the hotel..then we went to the mamak and had smtg to drink then went of to sleep..haha...

Today we basically went to U.Jim's hse to see our new cousin, Arnold Gideon..=) a new addition to the Roy family..he's so cutee!! Natalie and Deborah was also there..ponteng school today coz they wanted to go out with we went ard town...look at this and that..Mum,A.Pat,Godma,U.Robert, U.Terry and A.Diana will be coming today too! haha..its gonna be so much fun...we'll be going out for dinner later =) then going to U.Jim's hse again maybe..tmr, we'll be going to Kundasang or Kudat..not sure bout it, but i dun care coz ME IS SO EXCITED!! i shall upload pics from my phone but it'll be kinda blur la...later when i get back home then i upload the ones from the camera =) its 6.30pm now and its super dark already, like 8pm in Kajang..haha..thats why they call it EAST coast i guess... okay then, enough of crapping..i shall blog on day 2 tmr..!! bye ppl!!

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