Monday, November 30, 2009

the day

so i woke up today and sent mummy to Britannia where she always waits for Uncle Johnny then i went to mum's hse and slept for a while before getting ready for coll.. Nick sent me to the station at 9.30 and the train came ard the train, i was standing beside 2 gays k..hahaha..they were hugging each other and holding each others waist and face..i was like..wthhhhh....hahahahha...

then instead of getting off at Sentral, i thought today i'll get down at KL thats what i did la..and the train came not long after. so it wasnt too bad la..i reached early to coll but no one was there yet so i waited at the staircase nearby..then Naufal, Biya, Aiman and Amirul we went in class and waited for Prof J to come..she came kinda late la but nvm...then after her class was supposed to be Mdm Izlin's class but she's still on maternity leave so we'll be starting class next week only..

imagine, i went all the way there just for an hour's class...arghhhh!!!! geramnyaa!!!! and the journey to go there is like 2 hours k! ishhhhh!! nvm that, after class, Biya wanted to buy specs so me and Nas temaned her but then i malas wanna wait d so i said i wanna go back..while walking back to campus, i saw Naufal and Alias and the rest of the other class..our class has split, we're in 2 different groups and its very very sad k..we cant see each other on the way to campus, i saw Nisha, Kak Syu,Salmah, Ainul, Grace...all of them we're like "Christina!!! lama tak jumpa!!"  haizz...miss them la..

then i took the taxi and went to the station..reach home, i was bored so i went to town myself since Matt didnt wanna follow me..i went to Czip Lee to look for dictionary and some grammar books..Prof J requested us to do so..then i went to Watsons to buy my facial wash..while going out, i just had to stop at Elianto and look at he nail polish..:) and of coz, i cant stop myself and i bought a new one..turquoise!! =D hehehehe...mummy's gonna kill me :p but nvm, she also will take and use it anyway..hehehhe..

now, i wanna go do research on my assignment then later must fetch mummy from the station and go back home..i shall online again later..till then..byeee :)

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