Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cry in my heart...

sigh....i dunno wat to say la...i lost my GOLD CHAIN =( i really dont know where it went..it was in mummy's drawer all the while and now its gone..seriously..coz we'll be going to Sabah tmr and daddy wants to keep all the  jeweleries somewhere else coz after what happen at Mama's hse, he wants to have precaution la..and now look what happen..*sighhh*  when everything gets a bit better, another problem comes along...Satan never stops, does he??

Anyway, yesterday i followed U.Robert and Matthew to HUKM coz U.Robert had to take smtg for his dialysis there..so i followed je la since i had ntg to do..

after that we went to Tesco for fun since we were already so near there...so yea, went there and we headed home..on the way home, i stopped by Czip Lee to buy stuff for the youth board again...i shall put in up latest by tmr coz i'l already leaving for Sabah at night and i want it to be up before the weekend mass this week..so yea, must start doing everything today..

At night, went home then me and mummy went for Zone meeting and mummy got elected as the new Zone Leader...and there was no secretary so i became the part time secretary... had to take down minutes and all that la..then i went to measure the youth board size and all to do the stuff later..i met Glynn,Charlotte,Marcus,Chris and Rozanne when i was walking back to the car...they just oni finished charasmatic so like that la.. when i went back, thats when i found out my gold chain was missing :( haizzz...dowanna think of it already la...hopefully it comes back :( or if whoever took it, may God bless them..

For what do I have 

If I don't have You, Jesus?

What in this life 
Could mean any more?
You are my rock
You are my glory
You are the lifter 
Of my head..

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