Saturday, November 7, 2009

counting down the days...

Daddy just came back from Bali yesterday and is already giving me HELL!!! I mean, he comes back and the first thing he does is scold me for asking him to take smtg i forgot..WTH! and he insisted that he send me to church yest for meeting instead of me driving coz he dont trust my driving it seems...seriously la..he's telling i'm not responsible and all that crap i really need this ah?? i went to church and couldnt control myself so i talked to Juan and ended up bursting out in tears...haizz...

anyway, yesterdays meeting was good..we have a new PYC committee starting this Nov.

Chairperson: Christine Maryanna
V.Chairperson: Phillip Ng
Secretary: Alvin Netto
Asst.Sec: Seleth Sicilia
Treasurer: Sharon
Publicity: Christina Abigail
             : Winnie Liew
Commitee: Solomon
               : Rosalind

Congrats to our new PYC commitee :) May they lead out youths to be better and more fun in the church..*i'm just crapping*

Today, woke up early just to clean up the room and my hse so that my dad will shut his mouth when he gets up..even if the hse is clean, he says its not..God knows what he wants yea, after cleaning, had breakfast and then bathe and went to church..went for choir practice 1st to help Rozanne with the Caroling practice. then Juan and Alvin came so we discussed what to do for the youth board.. then not enough stuff so we went to Czip Lee to buy and headed back where we met up with Glynn..

Finished that, Glynn was complaining non stop that she was hungry...hahhaha...'irritating pest' *quoted from yea, she drove us to Pizza and met Christine there..had lunch and  like normal la..then Christine sent me home..i was so dreading to go back la..haiz..neway, when i came back everyone was its okay la..stupid la..i trying to upload pics but its so slow coz of the connection..thunder so LOUD man..till the electricity oso i sitting in my room and getting roasted..haha..

Tonight is Joshua's bday so going out for dinner..forgot to wish him oso when i saw him just now..terrible la...:p anyway,

                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                    JOSHUA DEON GOMEZ!!

haha...i'm just so lifeless la..dunno wat to do..i'll try to upload pics in my next post k..till then..bye! :)

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