Friday, November 6, 2009


yes, i'm very very extreamly bored at yesterday i went for Amanda's grandpa's funeral at was really sad, was trying my very best to control my tears but couldnt tahan d when i went to see reminds me of my grandma,Mama...haizzz..anyway, after that, me and Cassie went to fetched Nisha from school and went to McD as usual..i wanted to cut my hair with Glynn but tak jadi d coz grandma was asking me to go back home..but i didnt :p

After going to town, i went to Naz hse instead to see her before she goes..went there and looked at all our letters during our school days and goodness, it brought back so many memories...we were laughing our heads off at how young and immature we was at that time..sighh..those days..Cyntia came a while later and we continued laughing and taking pics...then i sent Cyn home and went to fetch Cat from school..such a long day man..went back home and got scolding from grandma coz i was out the whole day...oh welll...

then at night, went for Eng Youth was so much fun, i so cant wait for all the activities planned for the after that, went home, onlined for a while then went to sleep..

Today, woke up and my bro and sis actually prepared breakfast for me which was toasted bread with butter and sugar...and my sis put A LOT of sugar k...she trying to kill me or what..hahaha...but it was sweet of them to do that for their ever lazy sister :p then went to Mum's hse and helped aunty to do Matt's bday cake looks okay although i think smtg is still not right with the cake..hmm..

Anyway..i cant wait for tonight :) going for Holy Hour and Mass then got PYC election meeting at 8.30..since i got ntg to do, i'll go la..then tmr got choir practice for the caroling in church at 10 and also to put up our youth board..i mean re-do it for our new commitee..the LnL08 article i did which was months ago is still up there...hahaha..oh rite, speaking of LnL, plz plz plz attend Love & Life 09..its a once in a lifetime experience and it will definately touch you in many different ways like how it touched, GO k!!

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