Sunday, October 25, 2009


we had our English Youth Ministry meeting last friday to elect the new commitee members for the year 09 are the list of the new commitee members starting from Nov09,

President: Christine Maryanna
V.President: Alvin Netto
Secretary: Juan Margrita
V.Secretary: Malcolm Gerard
Treasurer: Glynn Wong
Publicity: Christina Abigail
Committee Members: Tracy May
Helena Loh
Freddie Wee
Amanda Quah

so that was that. after meeting, i sent Nisha home then went back home and onlined till 4am...LOL..this is how lifeless i am...haha..then comes saturday..i did absolutely nothing..sit at home and watch tv la, online la..all sorts on non beneficial stuff..then went to church at night for mass and dinner, then back home and watched movie till 1am..

sunday, woke up and went to church with daddy coz i had to say rosary in BM! haiz..thank god it was ok..then attended mass as well..then later went for PPA..the youths section was good. the others was a total boredom..haha..then came back, chat chat chat and had a short nap..then went to Pantai medical to see mummy's boss newborn baby..*wonder when i'm gonna have mine*.. then we went to some malay food court to have dinner and watched the amazing game of the season, Liverpool and MU..and of course, Liverpool WON!!!!! Torres scored! weeeeeee....and so yea, watched the 2nd half at home and now i'm sitting here, bored to death, cant sleep and wondering what to do...hmmmm...

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